Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thought while baking...

Christmas and these cookies are a necessity with which I will not do without...

... it was a cold and stormy night.

... hummm 12 cups of flour and this bowl do not work...

... pizzelles would make the children happy, he said with a grin, knowing that it would make him happy too!

... don't forget the dog food tomorrow...

... a humble and contrite heart...

... bread making is such a fun thing to do in the winter and I am glad I do not have to do it in the summer...

... love - whether you love one person or 20 people - the yield is almost like yeast - more than you started with... so when new people come into your circle the love is not lessened but multiplied...

... oops forgot that there was a date with the children and friends who sing at a local pizzeria tonight. OOPS Sorry about that... they are playing until 10 and that is 3 hours, but what about the pizzelles? the bread? guess I am missing the party and they toast to my new job.

... I miss seeing my sisters. That is a new experience because until recently I did not see them but every 5 years or so. Life has given us back to each other and that is good.

... annuities and security and growing old...

... a new job... every day in 2006 was allowed to be different

... a new set of friends... going to keep a few of the old ones for sure

... are pizzelles better than chocolate chip cookies or just different...

... I will start to Write things down more often ...

be well - be kind one to another - treat all people with patience and listen more than you speak and bundle up when it is cold outside...

Check ya later after the reason for the Season has come and made a new home in my heart...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday, December 22

Good Day to you sirs and madams,

This is a year for renewed memories. Old will blend with new and love will seal the gap.

Nights will be happy and tears will cleanse away the pain and sorrows.

You can be at peace knowing that even if the world is askew (as our Christmas tree is askew) you can have peace and love within your soul.

Life is an amazing miracle. LOVE is an amazing element in that life.

I am off to see what the day has to hold now that my lap has adequately held the cats and my leg has had a few more puncture wounds from said cat.

Enjoy your miracles today. Smile a lot and let others see your peace.

Fiber, who met Mud, and created strong willed children.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Today did not start out to break my heart
but the day did a fine job
The sight of Christmas ornaments that always lived at my parents house was so hard to see on the floor of my house
My daughter was sad because a life freind had to cancel plans with her tonight because her house was full of children with the flu
My other daughter had sadness of another sort to share
The day was meant to be a joyous one of setting up the Christmas tree and seeing the old meshed with the new old ornaments which did happen
We had fun trying to lift the 250 pound live balled tree to a proper position in the house
So we have a "Charlie Brown" slanted tree. It is a fine specimen of spruce, but it sits a little askew
This is the season of giving
I would give all I have to bring things back to the way they were when the ornaments were new
To bring the acedemic year back to its start
To make people well
Gift of the Magi - I am off to research the story - I think it has a lesson there I need to read again.
Peace to you this season - happiness from within - count what you have and be blessed - I am in all my family blessed - thank you for being in my family....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday - Tuesday - Tuesday....

It was not a Monday it was a Tuesday - but you sure could have fooled me.

I was somewhat productive... all things being relative

Remember that new toy well it was christened tonight

In the most traditional of ways

One thing I decided today while waiting for the cars infront of me to move... no matter how the powers decide what is best for them - no matter how things turn out as I wait for an answer - I have been true to myself - I have been honest about who I am and my capabilities. I can sleep at night knowing that I did the best I could do. I have not lied or cheated. I surrounded myself with friends who support me and believe me to be who I am so I could ask for references.

I cannot be responsible for how others act or think - I can only be responsible for how I act and how I think. So let the decision makers get it together. Let them decide who they want on the team and if I make the cut super I will dance with Snoopy all night long. If things turn otherwise I will also dance because I will not have to be miserable because a sound decision was not made. I guess I am at a point in my life where I do not suffer fools gladly, seeing myself as wise.

So that is where the head and the heart are today sports fans...

Be good to yourself and enjoy your wisdom that you hold inside yourself...

Monday, December 11, 2006


It is so hard waiting.

When you want change to happen you want it now - not in the universal best time.

So I am waiting and I am trying to be of good spirit and of good cheer. I find that noise makes some minutes go faster and then again silence makes others fast forward. I know I am in an impatient time because I am listening to NPR radio and actully paying attention to Diane Rehm, whose voice usually takes me off the planet.

I am trying to focus on the days and be a good scout...

Change - never sought it so hard.

Change - never came so involved with its passing.

Change - never took an interest in it.

Maybe 2007 will be the year of more change, but change I seek out and mold to my life.

Oh Lord I pray.

New toy still reading the directions. Tomorrow I will not have the standing restrictions I have today and I can make some cookies - - - - wonder what kind? Any guesses?

See you all in my dreams tonight....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Your new version of Blogger is here!

No thanks having enough change in my life right now. Trying to remember what end of I-71 I am on is hard enough. There have been days that I have to purposefully decide what day it is - what city I am in and where I am going as I wake up in the morning... that my friend is way too much change for me.

At one time I had thought I wanted to do some extensive travelling - - well after this month as they say in Chicago and points North "Forget about it"

I like driving where I go. As hubby says - we can take our reality with us... So USA trips by car maybe - - short ones. Chicago was great - I love that city - Columbus - Cleveland - Logan - Newport News - North Carolina - Appalachian Mts.

These will have to be in a few years BECAUSE on January 2, 2006 I wrote down on a note card that "every day is allowed to be different" and the earth powers took me at my word. Each day has been different for sure.

I am writing for 2007 "everyday is allowed to be calm and routine" and see if the earth powers and I agree... I think that the statement that my daughter said after reading some letters I wrote home when I was first married is the truest summation of my life I have ever heard... "You have never had a dull moment, Have you?"

No dull moments....

So I am going to seek a few quiet moments with my daughters sweater, doing the front neck increases... for the first time...

Here is another picture of us at the Oirachtes in Chicago last weekend...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oireachtas is "a feis on steroids."

Imagine: One dancer, plus a minimum of one parent, add in a few siblings and grandparents.... multiply that sum by 5 thousand and you will know how many people were at the Hyatt Regency O'Hara this weekend for the three day 2006 Midwestern Oireachtas.

There were jigs, reels, sets, choreographed dances, treble jigs, solo competitions and team competitons (names of things I can remember). The dancers started early and they stayed late. They were dancing when we arrived on Friday afternoon and were still dancing when we left on Sunday morning. This is a competition that takes dancers to the World Competition in Ireland. There is a certain joy at these events that is palpable and a certain amount of respected sorrow. This is a place where dreams are made and moved or removed.

Dancing ages begin in the U6 category and continue to the Adult category and every combination in-between.

We, Irish, have many stories and icons attached to our heritage. Cabled sweaters, Celtic roping, Celtic music and a variety of "Irish" motifed items are common forms of expression. So you can imagine the combinations of displays of art that vendors display. It is hard to stay in contact with your cash. I am not a shopper and I did not even look hard at the tables... My daughter did look and surrendered to the vendor that had "hoodie" event jackets and sweatshirts. The dancing granddaughter can now wear her Oireachtas hoodie because she earned the right to wear it. DD#3 can wear her sweatshirt as a memory of a fine time with the family support team. Laughter was in abundance as we told story after story in the true Irish tradition. Some stories true and some stories sheer spin.

The drive to and back from Chicago was uneventful "Thank You Jesus" and I still hold the belief that Chicago is one of the most amazing cities. I love Chicago a lot!

Congratulations to the dancer and her support team... I think we did marvelous and had a nice family retreat time together.

And what has been going on since I wrote last 9 November? Well there was a General Convention where our Diocese elected a new Bishop, I have been to Akron/Cleveland to begin the process of dismantling my parents homestead, I have had Thanksgiving dinner for 7 local family members, began the Supartz injections in my knee, and tried to prepare the yard for winter. No dull moments have passed these hands.

Enjoy the time you have with family. Learn to enjoy one another. You can learn much from making peace. You can learn to stay on task and focus. You can learn to keep your political views to yourself and respect what views others hold because we are all entitled to certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. What is happiness to one may be sheer torture to another - - but we can quietly respect each person and their right to go in that direction.

I can tell you that there will be a certain amount of silence on these pages. My second sweater is on hiatus for a while, my knee needs more shots and the Dentist thinks I need some work done that will lay me up for an evening and I will need a few evenings to forgive him for what he does ... It is Advent season and a time of waiting is upon us...

So respect each other. Stay the course. Be brave. Learn from each other by holding your thoughts and listening longer. There is much to be learned in the silence...

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Some days are just like that...

... for no reason I was easily frustrated today.

I felt the day was wasted because I had little to do at work.

I wanted to be home. I wanted to be outside in the beautiful autumn weather.

I had no patience for any form of moderation or compromise. I wanted what I wanted and nothing more or less.

If you know me - this is not how I am.

So I am glad the day is done. I put all the frustration outside in the trash. Left it there on the curb... too much to deal with and let it go...

Tomorrow is another day and I have it all to spend outside. Leaves and gardens to clean. Say good bye to another gardening year... that will be good... Oh Lord I pray...

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Sunshine, blue skies and love, L'chei-im!

Pictures of Lake Mead wetland and Red Rock Canyon - very appropriate name if you ask me and a picture of I believe that if it were not a drought there would be water aplenty - but not so much now! Still beautiful! We spent one day driving a 13 mile scenic drive and viewing several overlooks. Then driving to Lake Mead where the signs of no rain are very evident.

Here are the family pictures! My sister Bobbie, her husband Bob and their daughter Kim. John and I in matching Sun Coast sweatshirts and Bling Bling from the casino (small family joke)

And then there is the happy couple. Rob and Heather Novak! The ceremony was very nice. Heather and Rob wrote their own committment vows and you could feel the love flow one to another while they said their promises. Two readings - one from Gibran and the other the lyrics from Roberta Flak's song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" Needless to say the tears were just awash on faces which was OK by me ...

The entire 5 days were beautiful. I have a whole new appreciation for the word ARID. Coming back to reality of winter weather has been a whole other story.

I did get some knitting done while in the air and hubby read two books between NV and OH.

Life continues at the warp speed we left it - but I have a warm space in my heart for the days spent with family laughing and celebrating the new life of Rob and Heather Novak. L'chei-im to life and love and health.

That is my wish for all... L'chei-im!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Moving right along...

In good times and bad - hey this could become a habit!

Did you see the Muppet Movie and have the 8 track tape? We did!
There is a loft ladder installed today... before we fill the basharn with b'sharn stuff I will take some interior shots. Hope this cold snap lets up because... it is way to early to be entertaining temps in the 20's at night and only 40 in the day time... We need that warm day - cool night thing for a few more weeks... noone likes to rake leaves and we sure do not like to rake them wearing mittens and nose warmers :O)
And so is the sweater. Tonight we are both resting!

More progress reported in a few days!

In the meantime keep a good thought!

Keep a warm thought!

Be nice one to another!


Take care of your self!

Exercise and Laugh!

Almost feel that a 'Love mom' should follow right here! OOOps it did!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

They all brought home winners

I try and keep up with things about me.
The Cincinnati Bengals won.
The Denver Broncos are winning at I type (sorry Cleveland).
I think I heard that Notre Dame beat UCLA..
The Batavia Cheetah's won the second championship game which means that next weekend they play again - GO Cheetah's!!!!!

I know that the Batavia Cheetah's won because I got a call from a star Cheetah. I went to the first game of the tournament just as they were clearing the field - had the wrong time stored in my memory bank. That was OK. Em decided that she could play Soccer better if she got her hair cut and so she did in the two hours between games. I think it is a genius of a child woman that knows a haircut can change your day! They came back and won the second game in the tournament. Seems they play faster games when it is 40 bbrrrrgrees outside.

Yesterday was a great fall day. John finished trimming the basharn and installing the lofts above the doors while I was at a Steinmart Trade In Trade Up event for Interparish Ministries.

Back of basharn all trimmed out
and here is a close up of the windows all trimmed up
Who'd a thought that such a tiny detail would make such a huge impact!

I also spent some time giving birth to Lori's sweater. Back to work for me - I am against a clock that cannot be stalled. Graduation will come and I promised a sweater for a gift of a year of dedication to school - she did her part and now I must do mine.... I may post only pics for a while as these words seem to slow me down... Stay warm

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Slow and Steady will win the Race

You will see two steady things at play here. One is the start of the shoulders for Lori's sweater and the second is the soffit and facia are both complete on the holder of the tools of the trades.

This is making both workers feel good. He that in a few short days will be able to get an inspection and myself that the sweater is indeed started and I think will progress faster than the one I made myself. Learning curve is half the battle.

The rest of the outside day was spent taking apart planters and getting stuff together for the move into the holder of the trade container.

We cannot agree on a name. BASH, Basharn and a few others I cannot remember. So I will start calling it the holder of the trade tools. It will eventually settle in with its own identity.

I think the soup is hot in the microwave and I want a salad and some tea so I had best go and make these wants a reality...

What a beautiful blessed day outside. Thankyou Jesus.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the thirteenth of October

Whew! That is all I have to say about this week.
Work was WORK.
Life was LIFE.
Nothing let up, everything was at full throttle. There were no minutes of nothing at all.
Generally speaking I have a healthy family. But it seems that the occurance of lumps and bumps has increased over the last few months. I find myself holding my breath a lot while I await the results. Lord knows that cannot be healthy for me. Good thing is that all the lumps and bumps have been Be-nine!
Speaking if being nine - Emily is now 10. A decade old. Whew!
The mud in my life has put two doors on the BASH or basharn. They rise and fall beautifully! So much so that when they are open they virtually disappear!
The fiber part of my life has done the 85 stitch swatch and has one inch of the shoulder saddles finished...4 more inches and the sweater will be born. Pictures to come this weekend.
Tomorrows activities include: view and exercise with the new Cardio Pilates CD; Soccer game; basharn trim work and garden digging or a trip to Waynesville where the Saurkraut Festival is being held. So much to think about so many choices... my love of crowds tells me I am digging in the garden... I do not like crowds at all... I don't even remember when I started disliking them... humph!
I talked to my sister whose son was married in April in a Courtroom. They were sitting at dinner while he was home for a visit and she saw the wedding band and it took her by surprise. We will be together later this month to celebrate his vows and we both admitted to being the slightest bit excited!!
Day is done, gone the sun,
From the hills, from the lake,
From the sky.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Saturday, October 7, 2006

I woke up today with the sore throat I went to bed with. I went back to bed! I did not get to see Emily win another game. It took until almost 2:30 before I felt much like doing anything. So I took pictures... see below where mud and fiber meet!
THIS IS THE "BA-SH" SO FAR - IT IS THE MUD PART OF MY LIFE - TODAY WE INSTALLED THE SPRINGS AND THE HANDLE AFTER I TOOK THE PICTURE. Of course the springs are inside and work lovely as does the lock! One more side and we can fill it up - that will be a woo hoo day for sure! WOO HOO!

Then there is the fiber part of my life. I sent this picture to Lori and she made it her wallpaper on her computer. It is the swatch that shows what the cables are and how big they are so I know how much space each will take and how many stitches each side and sleeve will need to be. Designing your own sweater is quite the task. Lot of math and lot of counting and lots of prep work... just like anything else it takes time and effort.

I talked to all my daughters and my sister today. One daughter was studying, one was getting ready to run a race, one was doing the Mom thing and my Sister was travelling to see Dad. I gave her directions left over from last weekend!! Finding your way to new places has never been my strong suit and obvioulsy not my sisters either.

I cleaned up some fall leaves and cut down about a million Black-eyed Susans. I venture to say next Spring they will be growing in the crack by the side door... just a hunch.

Laundry beckons as does the bed making exercise. Cold and snotty nose season creates lots of laundry in my house.





Friday, October 6, 2006

Friday and all is well in my world, or I hope it is...

Good Evening, Many things have happened since the equinox. Mostly Life has gone at supersonic speeds...
  • I have been to Cleveland to visit my Dad in the Rehab unit of Rockynol in Akron, Ohio where he is recovering from a broken femur
  • I have washed the sweater and now I wait for a day that is in the low 50's for which I am willing to wait
  • With the cooler temps the cat has found my lap
  • My pansies are growing well and all the rest of the plantings are doing well. I tried to load a picture but not so much success tonight!
  • I learned the fastest way to thaw a freezer that is full of ice is to have a fan blow on it and to use a really big towel to absorb the water. I have never in 34 years of housekeeping defrosted a freezer in such short order!
  • Tall Stacks Festival is downtown and the entrance gate is across the street from our office, millions of people have come already and millions more this weekend which is suppose to be a beautiful high 60's weekend
  • I have been given time to think
  • As a family we began letting go of the family home in South Euclid
  • Life goes on and continues to have challenges
  • There have been night meetings at work which are always painful for me because come dark I either like to be with my husband at home or with my husband out, but I do not like to be out alone at night
  • My nephew is getting married in the Mojave Desert at the end of October and plans are finished for the trip
  • I found some interesting books about feminine studies and find the reading interesting as all get out. Glad that I have the time to read and understand all the ins and out of the feminine mysteries that lie in a spiritual journey for a woman. I prefer to be a 'crone' as opposed to being called old. Crone signifies to me wisdom from the journey. Wisdom that is often called upon by others... and compassion
  • The barn/shed or BASH (as I like to call it) is coming together nicely.
  • There are other things on the horizon - things that are not mine to tell but of which I know.
  • I have almost finished the 100 stitch swatch for Lori's sweater. There has been a rather long learning curve for this because I chose cables that I liked that reminded me of Lori. That meant just about starting from scratch and reworking all the concepts. That is OK I enjoy the learning.
  • Tomorrow maybe I will watch a soccer game or go and get my throat cultured. Somehow I came in contact with some strep throat...

So friends, visit someplace that you can sit and listen to the voice in your heart. Make sure the voice in your heart and the voice in your head agree. Then ever so gently, leave those ideas at the foot of the cross and know that the Lord will take care of all your concerns. She is good at caring for your worries.

Peace to you this night and all nights...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Urban Legend and other miscellany thoughts...

It is an urban legend that only on the Equinox will and egg stand on end.

Rather harmless I would say of all the events and hoaxes out there - but a myth at best. BUSTED! Searched where all good facts are found...

My egg stood until sometime Sunday morning when it became compost.

34 Anniversary Cards - how fun is that! Overwhelming and little hand written notes in some. One made tears flow alot. He trusts me with his life... that was a startling statement... always something to learn each day...

Purchased the yarn for Lori's sweater... Gingery persimmon - great color! warm and toasty looking... 3 months to complete a sweater - might me a life time best! I am all about winning the race here.

Working to finish the Shepherd's Bush Shepherd Boy that I started in March 2000. I have only a few flowers and leaves to complete and beads to sew and it will be ready for the framers. I found that when I stopped eating artifical sweetners my vision improved and I can once again see to finish this rather detailed piece.

Life also derailed my finishing this project - plaster dust and cross stitch are not compatible. Neither is moving or mud! Life had been on the wild side for these last six years to say the least! I find that I need a central peace to stitch and if anyone knows me well - the waves have been wild and crazy since I started this piece... but I will finish the boy soon and he will hang next to the herb gathering girl a perfect pair.

Sing a song of prayer and rejoice for this is indeed the day the LORD has made.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, September 23, 2006

I have always wondered about this legend. Amy Stoehr told me her girls did it one year. My e-herbal friend Michele Brown ( said she had an egg on her floor standing there. Well that was all I needed. So here are my results - obviously not all eggs will stand - witness the egg I ate for breakfast on it's side.
The list is getting done!
Dog bath - check
Reservations for nephews wedding - check
laundry - always
Off to accomplish this list
Clean church
Dog food
Shower present for new baby
I have other things to do that are written down on a notecard - because my memory is short and I am so excited that the egg is standing that I can hardly think of anything else!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 21, 2006

It has been a day or 10 in a row. The time has been full lately. No dull moments. No uscheduled time. No time for tuna sandwiches and laughter. Plenty of laughter and plenty of results from diligent work. Travel, planning, thinking, working, dancing, practicing, memorizing, sewing, cooking, loving and being loved, listening and caring. All these activities have filled the days.
John and I agree we are happy this way - full of life - full of activity - we have no clue what boredom is or what it looks like. Like Lori in her one year program - we have kept our heads down and our eyes on the goal.
Here is the sweater that I knit with a few hundred others on line with instructor Janet Szabo who has family in Ohio, but resides in Montana. Tomorrow with any luck you will see pictures of the couches that John and I have upholstered.
Like I said - no dull moments in our life and I have kept my promise to John that I made so very long ago - he is not lonely anymore....
I will get a picture of the sweater on me another day, today I thought something should enjoy the recliner because it sure was not going to be me.
Sleep well my friends
Make plans to visit your God this weekend - she has an amazing story to tell you - one of love and acceptance right the way you are - you will never be the same after you hear the story

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

while attending soccer practice... Ode to Emily

Mid-week and it had some high and low points I contemplated while attending soccer practice ...

I can retire at age 61 - - 5 years and 71 days but who is counting the days until attending soccer practice will be the highlight of my day!

The weather is definitely made for wearing sweaters while attending soccer practice ...

I got a nap while attending soccer practice...

I knitted a little while attending soccer practice...

Got the news that my Dad is in a regular hospital room and out of ICU while attending soccer practice...

Walked a mile while attending soccer practice...

Had soup and sandwiches for dinner after soccer practice and found out the soccer star probably had pancakes for dinner...

I finally got the last two cushions on Becky's couch correct... I think the material is on crack cocaine or something because it was non-compliant and just down right ugly to sew... I am not usually harassed by sewing - but I can tell you I had nothing nice to say about those cushions... and the material is so soft and pliable - it should not have given me the fits it did! I will appreciate sitting my arse down even more knowing what an effort that they were to sew!

I chatted with some friends while attending soccer practice at the LYS and found out the yarn I ordered is not going to give the affect I want - seems it will argue with the cables - I looked it up after I ordered it and decided that Saturday would be a day set aside to make the decision because I have the cables all worked out and I am ready to knit while attending - - - - soccer practice :O)

Seems what I have been missing was the 90 minutes necessary without distractions other worldly that attending soccer practice affords me. I have not had 90 minutes to myself in weeks and I love the solititude and time to think and sort things out.

I love attending soccer practice! Who'd a thought and I loved watching the game on Sunday also. Very relaxing and good to sit still!!!!

Who'd a thought indeed... off to rest because the bus comes in the morning oh so early and I am ready to get back on it because I had the time to contemplate just how good life really is while attending soccer practice!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

OH AH - The MUD has blossomed into a star

This is what I saw when I returned from Grace Mountain Retreat III. It made me smile really large.

John and I saw these stars in Logan, Ohio when we went on vacation in April, 2006, long before we started this project in earnest. I fell in love with them immediately and we talked about when the time came to build the shed/barn there would be a star on the front end. And here you have it sports fans - a star.

So I was just plugging along and thinking about the star and purchased star lights for the deck and star candle holders for the deck - - star dishes - - stars in my eyes - - you get the idea.

It tickled me so to see it hung up already. John is pleased with his work and loves the help he has received from his children, especially when the nail gun misfires and lands in his finger. Becky and Lori unplugged the necessary items and took him immediately to the ER. They called me afterward and I left work pronto. By the time I arrived the ER doc had taken the nail out and x-rayed him again and he was ready to go - no cast - no stitches - prescriptions in hand and things to do on the list. There has been some pain involved and a HUGE bruise. Here is praying that he heals fast and true.

The Grace Mountain Conference was in Lancaster, Ohio and our Deacon, Carol Callahan, invited me to attend and speak on behalf of IPM (InterParish Ministries). All the workshops were great. A local three piece band played and there was an Appalachian author as our keynote speaker, Richard Hague. Interesting thoughts from this conference: 1.) assimilation and transformation; 2.) the ministry of presence is the seed of all other ministries. I will have to write a piece for the newsletter - and when I do - I will post it here.

Lori was in for part of the week - Tuesday nite through Sunday morning. She came by way of Megabus. I miss her a lot more after she leaves - - - alot. She got some bad news about her friend Becky Keltch while she was here. Pray for peace for Becky and a miracle of healing. I annointed Lori and Becky and prayed on them to ease the pain and sorrow.

So much to do and so little time.

I watered the grass for an hour before God kicked in with lightening, thunder and rain...

Jesus love you this I know,
For the Bible tells you so...

Monday, September 4, 2006

BEEN A LONG JOURNEY (within inches of the end)

BEEN A LONG JOURNEY ON THE BODY SHOP SEGMENT OF THIS PROJECT. Throughout this journey all the knitters that did this Follow the Leader Aran Knit (FLAK) told stories about where they were in regards to the sweater - sleeve island - body shop - and we knew what we were talking about without blinking. Lori is getting one of these as a graduation gift and we are starting the last quarter together. Me knitting and she studying - I hope to be done as she is pinned on January 7, 2007 as she graduates. I have been working on this since January 2006 and I am almost finished - how I plan on doing one in 12 weeks is beyond me - - not too many long blogs coming your way... lots of pictures saying I am here now....
Of course while I do hers I will not be sweating through a hot summer nor doing foundation work or building a shed and gardening herbs. I may actually have time to knit - imagine that.
Back at it - hope for 8 more rows tonight so I can try it on - woo hoo!
I have another daughter signing up for college - so there are more sweaters to be made for each grade completed in college.... a four year program would be 4 sweaters! WOO HOO!

Labor Day or We are always giving birth to something at my house

New patio space with a new garden along the drive way. I wanted a garden along that driveway since the day we moved in here and throughout this project it came to reality.

John and I have chatted about how you have to break an egg to make an omlette and the concept of loosing or giving away something or your talents but always gaining something even better in return. I guess if there ever was a picture to explain that concept this whole page of pictures is just that. Luke 6:35 (I think) talks about blessings overflowing in you lap... this is what this looks like in my head - blessing overflowing in my lap.

Then there is the wet dog story. Casey is allergic to summer in Cincinnati and had a severe attack early this week. There were the ususal comments about his weight and then the doctor took the flea comb and John got the dirty dog comments on top of the weight comments and the reason he went to the vet anyway.... needless to say the dog bath got lifted to the top of the pile today

Here is a view from the driveway. Looks tremendous if you ask me. If you go back and see the piles of dirt earlier in the summer and then look today - you can see the miracle.

Yep always some form of birthing going on here. Thanks Sharon for giving me that image. I can use it well over the next few months.

So friends - rest from your labors so you can enjoy what you have accomplished. The family is gathering for meatloaf and potatoe salad and kale and chocolate cake. Tomorrow Lori comes home for the week and John and her will "whip" the shed into shape - - so more birthing ahead.

It is only 11 am and I have done a ton of stuff - so after the shower I will make meatloaf and clean the kale and then knit until 3 or so and then just pop the meatloaf in the oven and toss a salad and wait for the family to arrive. Woo Hoo let the rest and enjoyment of our labors sustain us through the days and weeks ahead.

We who birthed this project should be proud of our accomplishments. Like all birthing processes we were not in this alone. John, Chris, Paul, Jenn, Becky, Felecia, Emily you can rest in knowing your prints are all over this project and that makes it shine even more than any other we have ever done. By the end Lori will have imprinted her love on it and it will be completely our own.

Rest in the love of the Lord - she cuddles real good.

Friday, September 1, 2006

bigger than a bread box and a lot smaller too

First you see what is smaller than a bread box - sprouting grass - woo hoo I say woo hoo! All week long I have been cheering it on saying "Come on grass seed you can do it, I know you can and today the cutest green haze is just peaking through the straw. WOO HOO!
Here is what is bigger than a bread box and also wetter. We sat on it for a few seconds but the rains came. Tomorrow we will sit and have our pictures taken there. Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the patio too. The picture came out a little darkish and did not improve with the auto fix button.

So sports fans this is as far as we are. Oh tomorrow I will also take a picture of my sweater because it is within 6 inches of being done. WOO HOO!

This is Labor Day weekend - let us rest from out labors.... visit your God - she is waiting for you to stop by and chat - and maybe there is another human there that just needs your smile...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Bigger than a bread box"

"Bigger than a bread box" is a favorite game John and I have played over the years. Tonight on the way back from the pickup at the bus stop we played it again.
Tomorrow the pictures.
Tonight was knitting like the dickens and caring for the big dog because he has chewed himself raw in one spot - seems as though he is allergic to August in Cincinnati! Pictures of sweater done within 6 inches tomorrow too!
Right now rest.
Think about visiting God someplace this weekend. I know it is only Thursday night - but hey - sometimes you need enough time to talk yourself in and out of the answer... That is OK God is a patient and awesome God and I waiting for you to check in and say Hello... really...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The news spread fast

Many people have asked for pictures.

My family in Columbus and Cleveland have been watching very carefully as we take this journey. I can only imagine the conversations. I wonder how many times they have asked about my sanity and whether it was in tact. Without the firm conviction that this project will get finished and lots of prayers and knitting, I may well have gone off the deep end. Did I mention Jazzercise and Chocolate?

I can almost say that life is getting near the edge of normal. That alone is a very scary thought.

Without further ado I present one-half acre of newly sewn grass seed and a full 34 bales of straw that are going back to where they came from... of course this was after my Dad told me that the lawn needed 4 inches of straw cover, not the one or two that we gave it, because lawns like dark, warm (got that covered), moist (GOD is providing that nicely and is said to be providing it all week) places to germinate. I said it will be "just fine" because we did what we did and we can do no more.

This leads me to the feeling that I have delivered a baby. I cannot explain it any other way. Now I want to sit and watch the "baby" grow, but that isn't happening any time soon. Jenn and I did sit for a minute in the chairs way out back until John needed help with removal of the trailer (did you miss it?) and we had to get up.
This process has been interesting - it did tell me that sometimes when you tell the story of events to come and then live through those events that have been planned out - it is a completely different thing. You think I would have learned this from the church construction. Sometimes I am a slow learner.
Plans on paper, tons of gravel, dimensions of ditches, yards of pipe, sizes of block and brick, yards of soil and sand, earth moved, replaced, and unsuspecting things found are real pulsating things. They have a life of their own, their own mass and sense and they convert what you see as a quiet place to rest into a pseudo war zone.
At no time did I feel threatened but just the appearance of things being in such the Wrong place or not there at all was just weird. Especially the moat, that was plan bizarre, no earth at the foundation and water all around. Ladders needed to see level ground and mucky earth ready to suck you in to your knees and keep your shoes. Surreal.
It will be a story that will last into the next generation because of the fantastic help of Felecia and Emily, Jenn and Becky. That alone is enough for me right now.
Next steps, Knit like the dickens on my FLAK, pick color of Lori's graduation sweater when she comes home in a week or so - shed and deck - hot tub season is coming fast... after that, who knows?
Did you go and meet God and his family here on earth today? She was waiting for you.
I went, He was there, and I met some new family and watched as some old friends were reunited. It sure is amazing how God works, almost like watching your new sewn lawn grow in your backyard.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

It was quite the day

It was quite the day! WOO HOO!
Began at church cleaning - stopped by Starbuck's to get energized. Woo Hoo!
Becky and I cleaned the church which has been a busy place over the last week.
Two hundred-fifty bookbags were distributed to children in the neighborhood through the program at InterParish Ministries. Monday to organize, Tuesday and Thursday, half day each, to hand them out and serve tea and cookies to the people. Throw in a family picnic after the church service last week and that makes for a very used and dirty church. Woo Hoo!
Call that two hours. Woo Hoo!
I came home and John was ready for a break and I made sandwiches. Becky, John and I had lunch. After that the fun began. Jenn showed up as she promised she would do and we started digging in the stones for the stone border around the shed. That took the starch out of you pretty fast. When that part was finished, and a gallon of tea was consumed by three people in 10 minutes, we moved on to the seeding of the lawn area. Jenn did that with the spreader and several criss-cross trips in the front, back and side yards. Somewhere in there John asked if the girls could come to play and Jenn went and fetched them. That escalated the speed with which things advanced. Jenn spread, Felecia raked, Emily swept the driveway and I began the straw application. Woo Hoo!
Pretty soon stumbling replaced walking and the yard was seeded and strawed. John then drove his truck in the backyard to get the trailer (probably not the best time but the first time there was clear portage since the digging began) and we loaded 34 leftover bales of straw.
The guy at Evans that sold him those bales originally said 100 bales - John got 50 and 34 are going back - I still have about 3/4 of one for spare spots that may need rehabbing later.
Woo Hoo!
We have been watching the weather channel for the last few months like it was our job. Today when it predicted 40% chance of showers we said WOO HOO!
Today as I walked the yard back and forth and around in circles I did some meditation. That always feels good in the end. I was thinking about Reverend Herbert Thompson who passed away last Thursday the 17th and whose funeral was today. He loved us very much and he will be missed indeed. He loved us as a shepherd loves his sheep and we knew we were loved. That does not happen too often in a lifetime. That a Bishop would love you so very much and even call you by name and spend as much time as was necessary to listen and discuss matters of importance. I was blessed to have known him.
There is a Herbert shaped hole in my small world, but I know he is Risen indeed!
Tomorrow pictures.
Go visit a church tomorrow
Doesn't much matter which one
God is waiting for you there!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Another day in Paradise

So I have been patient as can be - almost.
The neighbors were asking about this project and a completion date. They were nice enough in the asking - but kind of silly seeing as Mother Nature has been our worst enemy. The excavtor no more left that the heavens openned up with 6-inches of rain!

We thought we could hire some of the work out to a landscaper and John sent out bid requests. The answers that came back lead me to say "There are a whole lot of $200.00 in that number." $200.00 being the amount it costs to rent a bobcat.

So we will work on it dutifully.

I called my Dad in the hopital and told him about the conversations the neighbors had with John and he suggested we take a picture of the yard and send it as a Christmas card and title the card "Another Day in Pardise" I just about choked because my Dad delivered that line from the hospital bed so calmly and casually... So withoout further ado I will show you another day in paradise...

And then there is the portion of my life that portrays my everlasting belief in HOPE and the picture of what Hope Springs Eternal looks like to me a Tomatoe Plant growing out the side of my Compost bin - surely there is great soil in there and I am going to let it grow and see if inspite of all the chaos of the summer I can boast a single tomatoe...

Blessings of health and peace to you and joyful thanksgiving for prayers answered.



Thursday, August 10, 2006

Life is good

Today was a mini marathon after a full marathon yesterday
Yesterday went from 6 am when I arose to 10 pm when I tried to sleep
One should know that if one runs full tilt for 14 hours
One is not going to be able to fall asleep in any short fashion
So at 1 am the cat and I had a stale Peanut Butter and cracker sandwich
Two Advil
By 2 am I was asleep
Tonight will not be as bad
I did the soccer carpool thing with Emily
John made the dinner I had planned out
I got home ate dinner and then just sat down and read the rest of my book
The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards
When you only have 100 pages to read what else are you going to do
Reading was a hobby when it was summer and it was hot and I was a teenager at my
parents house
I could sit on the cold stone steps and read and it was cool there
I distinctly remember reading my first John Irving novel on the steps at home
Look Homeward Angel was another I remember reading there
There must have been more because in the summer I was a ravenous reader
To this day I always enjoy the summer and fall novels the best
I have soup cooking for my friend Jane, Wild rice, turkey vegetable soup. Smells really sagey
I hope it helps heal her shoulder - torn rotator cuff repaired
I will deliver it tomorrow after work
John and Felecia and Emily worked on the Hutzel couch today
They have become the three mudsketeers this summer
A very easy peace in their relationship
A very big blessing if you ask me
Grandchildren that love their Grandparents
Not a given or a universal
I am certainly glad they are in our lives
I enjoy the humming and tapping and life they bring to each day
I even enjoy driving to cancelled practices because the birds that sing there are different than the ones that sing here
OK Enough
More pictures next time
Progress in mud land and fiber land I hope
Peace and blessings to you this day and all days

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Where Fiber Meets Mud II

So here is the fiber part
and here is the mud part
and I think both are looking much better
So much so
That I am now starting the Couch Project
New upholstered couches for my daughter whose dog as done some deeds on the couches
Pictures of that project will be following this week
If anyone knows me - they know that I never have dull moments in my life
For fun this weekend
Go visit your God

Sunday, July 30, 2006


When I saw the cat assuming this position I decided that it had been a long time since I bathed my self in a 23rd Psalm activity. The psalmist who authored that story talked about a green pasture where one can lie down; a place that restores your soul; head annointed and instruction to fear no evil and a place that was safe from the enemy.
When we first bought the leather couches, which was way back when we did daily devotions, and that particular day had the 23rd psalm as the reading. After one nap in that wonderful leather couch - I nicknamed it the 23rd psalm couch and consider it one of the safest places to rest from the burdens of the world.
It was definitely a Sabbath kind of day.
I did cook a delightful meal for us - steak and green beans and pesto pasta.
We ventured to Borders Bookstore and I went to Meijer's for catfood and ice, ice baby!
The temperatures say 90 plus all week - thinking I will have to leave assuming the position to the cat as I have other things to do.... In my next life I want to come back as a well loved fat cat.
Peace and safety to you and yours...

Friday, July 28, 2006

A NEW TOY, some old news and a good idea


I have been looking at Dyson vacuums for about a year. They were way too expensive about a year ago - - in the 1000 range - - - but this summer they are half that and I had had enough of the Electrolux stopping because the bag was dusty. Hello you are a vacuum - you are suppose to collect dust.

Needless to say - after some so-so Chinese we went to HHGregg and I knew what I wanted and just bought it. They had the new swanky Electrolux there for sale - and John thought that it was hefty and more vacuum looking vs. the tinker toy look of the Dyson - - but he seldom if ever vacuums - - so what does he care. The cord is a full 36 feet long and the hose pulls out to vacuum all the stairs without hauling the canister up and down each step (I cannot count how many trips the canister of the Electrolux took down the stairs) and it really cleaned the carpet and vacuumed up the mud dust in the basement. Yahoo I am one happy camper. The website is and it even has a game to play or two. Way fun - plus I think they make a washing machine too - - - I love toys...

Old news - still getting some water in the basement. I have a complete understanding of what Job felt like. Really.

Good idea: Go outside and see the stars - they are beautiful.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

60 ton of gravel

60 tons of gravel is two HUGE mounds of gravel. Space wise it takes up 75% of the driveway that easily fits 6 cars and each pile was as tall as I am which is 5'4". That my friends is a lot of gravel.
Yesterday, Wednesday night, Jennifer and I helped John load the first 30 ton of gravel in the moat after a lovely pizza dinner ala Pizza Hut.
When you consider that the Bobcat dumped it against the far wall of the moat and we had to move it to the house side of the moat - you will know why Jenn felt like she had a really great upper body work out and why it took till the third dose of Advil to get feeling in my right arm.
Today, Felecia helped John fill the rest of the moat and load dirt into the moat - - so I can say for the most part the moat is gone and we are merly surrounded by dirt with two small piles of dirt left to spread around to regrade the front and the back of the house. The down spouts have not been connected yet but the sump is working. Too much settling of the soil to connect the underground lines.
One might consider this getting back to some form of normalcy. The fact that I can walk in and out of the frontdoor is almost as normal as can be. Knowing that any and all actions from this point forward are HUGE steps to conventional living I am thrilled.
The weather is certainly not playing well with others so there will be a few days where chasing raindrops will be the target goal and not so much the progression of the projects... Looking at the weather calendar - I say the next 10 days are iffy at best. Oh well - the mud is out there and we are in here... dry.
And so it goes... I have a beautiful deep orange-red rose that greets me in the morning - - - the cats are less anxious about coming and going and Em is at camp since Tuesday.
God is in her heaven and all is right with this small patch of earth!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It is really rubber, really!

I had many people convinced that the rubber that was going on the wall had a resevoir.
Sweetie told me it did and as weird as most construction stuff is - how it is made to be right and left handed - how it is male and female ends - how it has biscuits in it - a million innuendos and terms that can me construed in several different ways - - - so when sweetie said it was a large rubber with a resevoir I believed him. It is green that is for sure but alas and alack - no resevoir.
I do have two huge piles of rocks, a Bobcat and an extra bucket in the front yard. John is parked across the yard and there is enough room for my car in the drive. I have seen crazy before - but this is taking the cake.
At night lately I have had mercy on Casey who cannot walk about the yard at leisure and I have been taking him for walks. The last two nights the cat, Achia, has been following along. First night we walked to Rumpke which was doable and Casey wanted to cross and keep going - - ah I said - NO we need to go home. Tonight we walked to the dead end of the road and several times I tried to steer him home to no avail. So the dog and the cat and I took a long and leisurely stroll for the better part of 40 minutes... no cardio there just patience making. At one point he just laid down in the grass - oh dear I thought - so I took the leash off him and soon he was at my side. He loves the walks and I am going to keep them up until he can do a whole stretch of the street without a nap.
Speaking of naps - I need a 7 hour one. TTFN.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just add water and you will have tons of MUD

This is the view from the back backyard toward the neighbors house. Once upon a time there would have been many games of Queen of the Hill - but not now all the children are grown. What we do have is plenty of mud... Thank God that the electicity stayed on and we can pump the trench 24/7. The forecast for today is 100% chance of rain... In the immortal words of Pooh: OH BOTHER!

Just add a few million gallons of water and you can have your own mud pit.
Pictures of water filled moat at Castle Malone to come later!

Friday, July 21, 2006

NOTHING is ever easy

Nothing is ever easy.

That has been my life story. I remember in High School when I was making hand silk-screened Christmas cards - as I walked home at 7pm in the cold darkness of a Cleveland winter - nothing that I ever undertake is easy. It was a delicate card pattern that I had to cut from the wax, I wanted silver on blue paper - which was a hunt to find the paper and the silver needed really strong solvents and it gave one a buzz and a headache the next day - the likes of which I still remember.

But that has stuck with me - - - nothing that I do is ever easy. Raising three children with a husband that travelled or was on duty all the time - - raising the three children and two being twins - - - moving 10 times in 14 years - - - learning to drive at 21 was not easy - - flying to Germany with a 6 year old was not easy - - rehabbing a house and living in it was not easy - not this time or for our first time - - - all the cross stitch patterns I chose were not easy - - sewing patterns difficult - - - making kites is not easy - - - the Aran sweater is not easy - - - AND HAVING A MOAT AROUND YOUR CASTLE IS NOT EASY.

OK, I heard my husband say CRAP tonight when he looked outside and saw the rain continue to fall and it was filling the moat as fast as it was draining - CRAP indeed.

One good thing from the moat - all the water is outside and it is only slightly damp in the basement even without the Rubb-r-wall installation. We need some dry days before Tuesday so that the foundation can be washed and the ground is dry for the installers... I told John - wait and see - when we plant the grass - there will be no rain from the heavens - we will be on our own.

Seeking boring and normal - do not know what I will do with it - but not living in a mud surrounded house will indeed be the kind of boring normal life I am eagerly seeking.

Emily is recovering from her adventures in moat wall scaling. She successfully managed to climb the walls of the moat, but slid down the same face she had just scaled. In her descent she encountered a busted clay tile. It became embedded in the arch of her foot (her mother and aunt know the proper term). Needless to say there were some fast showers taken and a trip to the first ER and then a discharge to a second ER. That was a long 24 hours... 8 pm Wednesday night to 8 pm Thursday pm was a long long time. There are some sweet sweet people at Children's Hospital and some very fine angels walking those halls. Jenn and Becky met them all. I came in as a second wind and John came in at the last inning to round up the bases and get 'er done. We played as a team and did it all. Even learned you only get in the long lines at a Hospital Cafeteria - - - if the regulars do not eat it - - you do not want to either.... Belly Bombs are not good.

Felecia is home from Dance Camp and I can hardly wait to hear the stories...

Like I said - - it has not been an easy week - why I expected it to be is beyond me. The only truth I can tell from all my adventures High School to the present time:

Going to give sleep a try. Not easy for me either. Exhaustion is through and through me so I am hoping that sleep wins - - and the Valerian kicks in to calm the nerves and too many cups of coffee.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Here comes the Backhoe!

Tomorrow the excavation starts. Long story to explain how fast it came to fruition. God takes good care of us all.

Pray for the people you love.

Pray for the ones you have a hard time with.

Pray that the world can learn to do the same.

Monday, July 10, 2006


A big fat daisy. What could be better than that? I have always been a fan of daisies. Had them in my bouquet when I got married. I have grown them everywhere I have lived even if we were not "suppose" to plant things - like say in govt. quarters. I enjoy the look, the freshness, the sheer brightness that says "I will and I can"

I have other things doing well this summer. In the background you see a small rose. They were mulched heavily last winter and that is proving to be a blessing because I do not have to haul a hose up front to water them - God is doing a fine job.

The shed barn is ready for inspection tomorrow. The grands and husband will be heading to the local Home Deposit to get siding, windows and doors. I see an end to this process. There will be electicity to the shed barn, but not until the foundation is dug and reinstated.

Life is so full of blessings. Health being primary. Love and caring. Communication. Food. Shelter. Ability to learn. Ability to create. Friends. Family. Work to keep the day full. Freedom. Happiness. Ability to learn to live with differing opinions and still have community. God's love that permeates everything inside and outside. God's love is so overpowering that even in times of crisis the divine spark is at work and we just have to wait for our limited senses to grasp the bigger picture. There have been times in my life when I was sure that God did not care for me - that SHe had left me for lost and abandoned. I wandered aimlessly only to find that God did not abandon me, But I abandoned God. I turned my eyes, heart, ears, mind and soul away from all the abundant blessings that are the signs that God has to show us Her love. Periodically this still happens and as I have taught myself - even in times of darkness - to look for the beauty and search out the Love that does not make sense in the current moment, but is indeed a life line to return to the awareness of the Love that permeates each and every day.

I guess I never knew how much a daisy can make a person think. Guess that is why I like to bring the flowers inside - to remind me on several levels that God does love me and SHe will never abandon me.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

one of those perfect days

  • cool weather - sunny - warm - breezes
  • great worship at church - sermon about trust and faith - aren't they really the same thing
  • great picnic - John mentioned that it was great Carol needed a party and every one came to play
  • good conversation - I enjoyed seeing people talking to one another and getting to know new people
  • wading pool - it was a little coolish but good to sit in the water anyway
  • nap in the sun - what can I say - my favorite place to nap
  • time in the garden - planted some basil I started late - marked plants - Loveage has the best smell
  • easy chicken sandwiches - George Forman grilled the chicken - garlic and basil mayo - tomatoes on buns
  • knitting going well - finished another set of 4 rows
  • time to breathe and relax - oh so needed
  • opportunity to meet with peers to exchange ideas and resolve some issues that were heavy on my heart
  • had some time to think and anyone that knows me knows that I need silent periods just to think
  • heard some great singing when Felecia was practicing for her audition with Professor
  • saw old friends and laughed
  • one of those perfect days

Saturday, July 8, 2006

It is a roof and it does not leak

It is truly a red letter day because we finished the roof. All 24 feet of it times 4 sections. It was a quality teamwork effort. Becky and Jenn and Em and Fele came over on the 4th of July. We measured and we cut and we learned and developed quite a rhythm after a while. If the laughter could have counted toward the finished roof - we would have been done in no time flat.
Felecia hammered in all the hurricane clips so that the roof will stay attached in the event of a hurricane (or tornado which is more likely here in Clermont County). But it was only 1/2 finished when it was time for the high wire worker, Becky to leave.
Once upon a time, John would have been the one on the peak, but he has learned that being macho does not necessarily mean you have to do it all or be the high wire worker. That was a prayer answered when he did let Becky climb to the peak and do that work. All her cabinet training came in handy drilling in all the hundreds of screws in the tin roof.
So later on the 4th Jenn, Fele and Em and Blert and I had dinner and a good time was had by all.

Becky offered to come over on Thursday night and the sterling support team came along too. Everyone had the opportunity to eat before we started if they so choose and John and Becky were at the second high peak in no time flat and Jenn was doing the moving and lifting of the tin panels.

Em and I were busy too. We did some metal detection, we cleaned the site (a clean site is a happy site), Em raked up the grass cuttings, we collected a couple of buckets of stone from the foundation and we found a toad.

I have always had toads where I lived. I was beginning to believe I had done them in with chemicals that I have put down to get rid of the millions of wild violets that replicate grass, in that they are green. In my old house it was a sad day when Mr. Toad met the garage door. I had almost given up on finding one here. But Em saved me from that fear.

Em is strong and very agile. Thursday is trash day and she certainly earned her stripes hauling trash to the front because we all know that construction site trash is not light. One garbage can had seen it's last haul and I let Em write the note to Rumpke. "Please Please" she started - Oh so precious!

So today John and I developed a plan to finish the roof and with a few detours and an extra trip to the beloved Home Deposit we were successful in our goal. In the pictures it looks perfect and that is where I am going to leave that discussion - it looks perfect.

Next is the siding, the windows, trip work and the doors. All this can start AFTER the framing inspection that John is calling for on Monday.

Whew I say whew.

Tomorrow is an impromptu picnic at church - come if you can - Church of the Good Samaritan - 25 Amelia Olive Branch Church, Amelia, Ohio 45103

Tomorrow also a website meeting which will hopefully get our church website up and running again.


Saturday, July 1, 2006

A Day With The Shed Barn

Saturday - a good day. Great haircut day. Then home to help with the Shed Barn.

DH did the fly rafters today and the face plate to the over hang on the roof. I can understand why he wanted someone around to hold things and hand things and move things. Neither one of us is very fond of heights and climbing ladders went the way of the high heeled sneakers about 10 years ago when the Orthopeadist said flat lander experiences are the ones for you.

But hey if I listened to every thing that I was told I would be sitting in a rocking chair not doing much.

I love being a part of all of this. I have no clue why. Watching it come together and knowing that I helped by doing the small things makes me happy and excited to be a part of something much larger than I am. Also the adult sized wading pool felt oh so good after all that hot sun.

Tomorrow after church we will go to the hardware store which will be a blast from the past. When our children were small we would go to church and on the way home always take them to the hardware store. Maybe for old time sake I will get one of those carts and ride it in the ailse and pretend that the kids are on the bottom and laugh right out loud...

Tomorrow is green roof day and more 2x4's. YEAH!!!

We had a small discussion about the foundation work - that did not get very far as I am not interested in having the yard dug up for another year to see if two feet is enough to solve the problem - that story did not get far at all. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The ice pack beckons.

Enjoy the Sabbath and visit your local house of prayer.

I will be at Chruch of the Good Samaritan, Episcopal, 25 Amelia Olive Branch Road at 10:30 am. Maybe you can come too.

Blessings to you this day and all days.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

While I was away...

So I never leave the house to travel on my own - except last Saturday I went to The General Convention while the ASPer's were returning home.
I wanted to go to church with 10,000 other Anglicans. What was I thinking? A little panic attack ended that as they were thinking about gathering for Communion. I ducked out and had some coffee with Donna.
After that I went to a Tea with Barbara Crafton and company. It was majorly overbooked - but fun. Barbara is an Episcopal priest and author and has a great website The Geranium Farm. One of her speakers was Lane Denson and he is an author also and a great speaker. He too has a great website called The Covenant.
Needless to say I really do believe that there are many ways to think about God and what she wants us to do with our days. At any rate I have been having fun journaling while we construct and the kids (while I was away...) cooked up this great hunt for some wagon wheels that we acquired with the house that are definitely not my favorite. Part of my journaling has been taking pictures of all the commotion - which really helps me to deal with it (sort of) and some great Soy Indulgence Ice Cream (Zig Zag).
Here is the latest of the shed

OK so I snuck my honey in the photo too - like I said I am trying to have some fun while we go through the construction and I surely am having a ball - even caught some bees on the lavendar - but those photos would be really boring and not as cool as the shed.

Decisions decisions - knitting or finish the online course of the WindowsFrontPage 2003 and/or make luch for tomorrow and the Irish Fies in downtown NKY Convention Center - decisions decisions decisions.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Tonight as I reflected on what I was doing 28 years ago today - I decided to begin learning about website manufacturing.

Why? Because out church website is down and has been for quite too long.

I will learn enough to be dangerous and with God's loving nudges I will learn what I need to know - today it was as if a cloak had been raised and I can see clearly what I can learn and do; where it is located and how to utilize it. Up until now all the searching did not make a bit of sense.

Maybe letting go of the twins birth gave me room to learn more - Lordisa knows they taught me a plenty about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All my children (a soap that I was addicted to when eldest was young) have taught me more each day than I can ever write about in 10,000 lifetimes. My children have been my greatest teachers.

Tomorrow beckons as does sleep. Laundry is almost done as is this day.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birth Day


In 45 minutes my babies will be another year older - and that is something to celebrate. They have lived lives that were as distinct as the way they came into the world. I have often said they are as different as night and day - - as infants one slept at night and one in the day (never consistently the same) - - while I carried them - - one liked to kick at night and one in the day - - there has been little rest ever since.

One is a young bride living a few burbs over, the other is in Chicago going to Nursing School. Both in their each own style make me prouder than words can convey because they have learned to be true to themselves and lived lives that never veered far afield.

They are excellent sisters to each other and their older sister. They are loving aunts to their two neices.


For this I am thankful - I have been blessed with three great daughters and they are all friends and can laugh and play well together to this day.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


There has been plenty of adventure in the last few days since Indianapolis.

There was a week that I did not go to the work place, but that does not mean that I sat around eating bon-bons either. I can hear the girls all chuckling now as I type this.

Hopefully this will make the e-waves and I will post some pictures later today. Currently on the docket is PT - aka - Physical Toture. I went to Jazzercize last night and feel a little pummelled but my hip or knee do not hurt - which is more than my DH can say right now.

I will leave you with this thought:

There are times when it is hard to believe in the future, when we are temporarily just not brave enough. When this happens, concentrate on the present. Cultivate le petit bonheur (the little happiness) until courage returns. Look forward to the beauty of the next moment, the next hour, the promise of a good meal, sleep, a book, a movie, the likelihood that tonight the stars will shine and tomorrow the sun will shine. Sink roots into the present until the strength grows to think about tomorrow.

Ardis Whitman
American Author

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Indy Feis Packing Mission Trip

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

Today, Jennifer, Felecia, Emily and I travelled to Indianapolis to an Irish Feis. Early morning start and not much coffee - we drove straight through. Two hours shaved by minutes.

Through the modern air waves we talked to Becky, on her way to Syracuse and points North. Rain and unfamiliar roads cut that conversation short.

The dancing was grand and it is good just to see the girls have the confidence to dance in such an arena. Medals and ribbons, Starbucks Coffee and Olive Garden were the highlights.

John stayed home and packed for his week long mission trip to Grundy, VA with Appalachia Service Project. He and I have been doing this either together or seperately since 1988. This year he takes his oldest Granddaughter with him - truly a memorable time will be had by all. The worksite this year is located just this side of heaven if you have ever seen the mountains through the tri-state area of KY, VA, WV - truly one of God's better pieces of work. He and Felecia will be there all week.

John also cleaned up the back yard of all the tools and made templates for his rafters. Rain slowed him down a bit (the Lake will be back again if this keeps up) plus the last minute trips to Meijer to get the last of the list of needs for ASP took some time. Currently he is enjoying a good rest in bed - next week it is air mattress and several hundred people in a gym.

Daughter Lori will be home on Wednesday to keep Emily, Jennifer and I company. She is on break from Nursing School at Rush University (Jenn and I wore our Rush tshirts today to bring Lori along to the Feis) and it will be great to have her home. Lori, Jenn, Emily and I are not the usual group that hangs out - the sisters usually hang together with the nieces - so this will be fun! Trips to parks and Art Museums are planned. Baking cookies and making some meals. Sewing some pillows and just chilling will be fun.

Knitting today at the Feis was not very successful. I was laddering down to fix a miss crossed cable and the second time I did it wrong again, it went back in the bag. Tomorrow.

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

Happy Sabbath to you.