Friday, October 6, 2006

Friday and all is well in my world, or I hope it is...

Good Evening, Many things have happened since the equinox. Mostly Life has gone at supersonic speeds...
  • I have been to Cleveland to visit my Dad in the Rehab unit of Rockynol in Akron, Ohio where he is recovering from a broken femur
  • I have washed the sweater and now I wait for a day that is in the low 50's for which I am willing to wait
  • With the cooler temps the cat has found my lap
  • My pansies are growing well and all the rest of the plantings are doing well. I tried to load a picture but not so much success tonight!
  • I learned the fastest way to thaw a freezer that is full of ice is to have a fan blow on it and to use a really big towel to absorb the water. I have never in 34 years of housekeeping defrosted a freezer in such short order!
  • Tall Stacks Festival is downtown and the entrance gate is across the street from our office, millions of people have come already and millions more this weekend which is suppose to be a beautiful high 60's weekend
  • I have been given time to think
  • As a family we began letting go of the family home in South Euclid
  • Life goes on and continues to have challenges
  • There have been night meetings at work which are always painful for me because come dark I either like to be with my husband at home or with my husband out, but I do not like to be out alone at night
  • My nephew is getting married in the Mojave Desert at the end of October and plans are finished for the trip
  • I found some interesting books about feminine studies and find the reading interesting as all get out. Glad that I have the time to read and understand all the ins and out of the feminine mysteries that lie in a spiritual journey for a woman. I prefer to be a 'crone' as opposed to being called old. Crone signifies to me wisdom from the journey. Wisdom that is often called upon by others... and compassion
  • The barn/shed or BASH (as I like to call it) is coming together nicely.
  • There are other things on the horizon - things that are not mine to tell but of which I know.
  • I have almost finished the 100 stitch swatch for Lori's sweater. There has been a rather long learning curve for this because I chose cables that I liked that reminded me of Lori. That meant just about starting from scratch and reworking all the concepts. That is OK I enjoy the learning.
  • Tomorrow maybe I will watch a soccer game or go and get my throat cultured. Somehow I came in contact with some strep throat...

So friends, visit someplace that you can sit and listen to the voice in your heart. Make sure the voice in your heart and the voice in your head agree. Then ever so gently, leave those ideas at the foot of the cross and know that the Lord will take care of all your concerns. She is good at caring for your worries.

Peace to you this night and all nights...

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