Saturday, December 16, 2006


Today did not start out to break my heart
but the day did a fine job
The sight of Christmas ornaments that always lived at my parents house was so hard to see on the floor of my house
My daughter was sad because a life freind had to cancel plans with her tonight because her house was full of children with the flu
My other daughter had sadness of another sort to share
The day was meant to be a joyous one of setting up the Christmas tree and seeing the old meshed with the new old ornaments which did happen
We had fun trying to lift the 250 pound live balled tree to a proper position in the house
So we have a "Charlie Brown" slanted tree. It is a fine specimen of spruce, but it sits a little askew
This is the season of giving
I would give all I have to bring things back to the way they were when the ornaments were new
To bring the acedemic year back to its start
To make people well
Gift of the Magi - I am off to research the story - I think it has a lesson there I need to read again.
Peace to you this season - happiness from within - count what you have and be blessed - I am in all my family blessed - thank you for being in my family....