Friday, May 29, 2009


1 - Cat care this summer - remember to mark the calendar
2 - eye appointment - hope it is uneventful
3 - plant the plants in the garden and the seeds and the flowers
4 - collect all the stick and twigs for the chipper that now works
5 - relax in the pool
6 - read for Women's Group
7 - read for Healing Touch
8 - finish current socks
9 - start new set of socks for someone else
10 - wash the car

That is enough of a list for me - maybe when I get more than half done I will revisit the list and add more - right now this is fine with me.

I have this list going now because I cannot get on FB. First the computer demanded that it be scanned which took long enough that I could do a complete chakra connection on myself. Now the phishing filter is scanning for phish!

I need to go to bed because I am tired and I cannot get a good eye exam when I am tired.

Did I mention a crown fell off my tooth today? Went to bite into a brownie and there it was... So I will fit that into the list behind eyes and before clean the car... should work just fine!

have a great night!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mud makes me happy and other misc thoughts

I wonder why digging in dirt and planting things in that dirt make me so happy.
I am most content when either planting or grooming or just being in the garden. It is a very hallowed place for me. Must remember to bring in some soil to plant things in this winter. The fact that February is my worst month may have something to do with deprivation from mud!
So my daughter has this great discovery posted on her FB site!
if that does not work it is:

Drama Button... For all of life's unnecessary drama. This is a fun and humorous way to compliment the epic moments in life.
How many millions of times could I have used that? Mentally I have played it over and over again - usually followed by an audible sigh!
gardening in the light of the moon and stars is the best!
love covers hate like paper covers rock
going to bed when you are tired shows a lot of maturity - I wonder if I will ever arrive at that point?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts are rather random

  • I have reconnected with three friends over the last 60 days that I have not seen or visited with in three years.
  • The young call this "reconnecting" networking! I call this joy.
  • These friends and I shared like we talked yesterday. Very good and very odd.
  • One friend is moving to NC because her husband took a job there. Good travels my friend.
  • An evening in the garden fixes just about everything.
  • Digging clay is hard work but turning a new leaf is no easier.
  • Validation is important. I am calm when explaining myself and my dreams, which is new for me as they have always been a bit oblique in the past. Now my dreams and paths are clear and open and can easily be articulated.
  • Intense must be a mandate for me - I always seem to find intense situations into which to jump
  • New horizons await my next steps and I feel like the horizon line is very close
  • I discovered just how twisted some situations really are today and the whole thing left me with a rather sick stomach
  • I have two friends in the service. One in Iraq and the other in Afganistan. Soon to have a third. One comes home in the late summer. One just went over and the third reports for duty in July. Brave and noble men, all three and I pray for them without ceasing.
  • Someone said "no pain, no gain." they should feel my legs right now. I think I have gained the world
  • The toads "peeping" in spring is the most important sound of the entire natural cycle
  • I have a box turtle living in my garden
  • The compost piles are cooking
  • I emptied my worm bin into one of my compost piles to hasten the process
  • Lots to do - so to make it simple - we will make a list and pick the five most important things to accomplish and let the rest be as they will. We cannot recapture yesterday - we can only live today.
  • I am finished with these random thoughts and my hands want a rest from work.

Sleep well my friends, sleep well.