Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday - Tuesday - Tuesday....

It was not a Monday it was a Tuesday - but you sure could have fooled me.

I was somewhat productive... all things being relative

Remember that new toy well it was christened tonight

In the most traditional of ways

One thing I decided today while waiting for the cars infront of me to move... no matter how the powers decide what is best for them - no matter how things turn out as I wait for an answer - I have been true to myself - I have been honest about who I am and my capabilities. I can sleep at night knowing that I did the best I could do. I have not lied or cheated. I surrounded myself with friends who support me and believe me to be who I am so I could ask for references.

I cannot be responsible for how others act or think - I can only be responsible for how I act and how I think. So let the decision makers get it together. Let them decide who they want on the team and if I make the cut super I will dance with Snoopy all night long. If things turn otherwise I will also dance because I will not have to be miserable because a sound decision was not made. I guess I am at a point in my life where I do not suffer fools gladly, seeing myself as wise.

So that is where the head and the heart are today sports fans...

Be good to yourself and enjoy your wisdom that you hold inside yourself...