Sunday, August 27, 2006

The news spread fast

Many people have asked for pictures.

My family in Columbus and Cleveland have been watching very carefully as we take this journey. I can only imagine the conversations. I wonder how many times they have asked about my sanity and whether it was in tact. Without the firm conviction that this project will get finished and lots of prayers and knitting, I may well have gone off the deep end. Did I mention Jazzercise and Chocolate?

I can almost say that life is getting near the edge of normal. That alone is a very scary thought.

Without further ado I present one-half acre of newly sewn grass seed and a full 34 bales of straw that are going back to where they came from... of course this was after my Dad told me that the lawn needed 4 inches of straw cover, not the one or two that we gave it, because lawns like dark, warm (got that covered), moist (GOD is providing that nicely and is said to be providing it all week) places to germinate. I said it will be "just fine" because we did what we did and we can do no more.

This leads me to the feeling that I have delivered a baby. I cannot explain it any other way. Now I want to sit and watch the "baby" grow, but that isn't happening any time soon. Jenn and I did sit for a minute in the chairs way out back until John needed help with removal of the trailer (did you miss it?) and we had to get up.
This process has been interesting - it did tell me that sometimes when you tell the story of events to come and then live through those events that have been planned out - it is a completely different thing. You think I would have learned this from the church construction. Sometimes I am a slow learner.
Plans on paper, tons of gravel, dimensions of ditches, yards of pipe, sizes of block and brick, yards of soil and sand, earth moved, replaced, and unsuspecting things found are real pulsating things. They have a life of their own, their own mass and sense and they convert what you see as a quiet place to rest into a pseudo war zone.
At no time did I feel threatened but just the appearance of things being in such the Wrong place or not there at all was just weird. Especially the moat, that was plan bizarre, no earth at the foundation and water all around. Ladders needed to see level ground and mucky earth ready to suck you in to your knees and keep your shoes. Surreal.
It will be a story that will last into the next generation because of the fantastic help of Felecia and Emily, Jenn and Becky. That alone is enough for me right now.
Next steps, Knit like the dickens on my FLAK, pick color of Lori's graduation sweater when she comes home in a week or so - shed and deck - hot tub season is coming fast... after that, who knows?
Did you go and meet God and his family here on earth today? She was waiting for you.
I went, He was there, and I met some new family and watched as some old friends were reunited. It sure is amazing how God works, almost like watching your new sewn lawn grow in your backyard.


yorlor said...

like having a baby? ... from a woman who delivered twins breech, that is no small statement.

it looks fantastic.

i'll be home soon. who knows? maybe i'll get enough sleep here to stay up and build stuff with dad!!

looking forward to every minute.


Leanne said...

You've got enough straw down! We did the same thing a couple years ago, and my dad said the same thing. We now have a lawn that's the envy of the golf courses around here thanks to the perfect amount of rain and tender loving care from hubby! Liquid compost diluted through a garden hose sprayer works wonders for a nice lush green lawn it seems!