Monday, December 11, 2006


It is so hard waiting.

When you want change to happen you want it now - not in the universal best time.

So I am waiting and I am trying to be of good spirit and of good cheer. I find that noise makes some minutes go faster and then again silence makes others fast forward. I know I am in an impatient time because I am listening to NPR radio and actully paying attention to Diane Rehm, whose voice usually takes me off the planet.

I am trying to focus on the days and be a good scout...

Change - never sought it so hard.

Change - never came so involved with its passing.

Change - never took an interest in it.

Maybe 2007 will be the year of more change, but change I seek out and mold to my life.

Oh Lord I pray.

New toy still reading the directions. Tomorrow I will not have the standing restrictions I have today and I can make some cookies - - - - wonder what kind? Any guesses?

See you all in my dreams tonight....