Thursday, August 10, 2006

Life is good

Today was a mini marathon after a full marathon yesterday
Yesterday went from 6 am when I arose to 10 pm when I tried to sleep
One should know that if one runs full tilt for 14 hours
One is not going to be able to fall asleep in any short fashion
So at 1 am the cat and I had a stale Peanut Butter and cracker sandwich
Two Advil
By 2 am I was asleep
Tonight will not be as bad
I did the soccer carpool thing with Emily
John made the dinner I had planned out
I got home ate dinner and then just sat down and read the rest of my book
The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards
When you only have 100 pages to read what else are you going to do
Reading was a hobby when it was summer and it was hot and I was a teenager at my
parents house
I could sit on the cold stone steps and read and it was cool there
I distinctly remember reading my first John Irving novel on the steps at home
Look Homeward Angel was another I remember reading there
There must have been more because in the summer I was a ravenous reader
To this day I always enjoy the summer and fall novels the best
I have soup cooking for my friend Jane, Wild rice, turkey vegetable soup. Smells really sagey
I hope it helps heal her shoulder - torn rotator cuff repaired
I will deliver it tomorrow after work
John and Felecia and Emily worked on the Hutzel couch today
They have become the three mudsketeers this summer
A very easy peace in their relationship
A very big blessing if you ask me
Grandchildren that love their Grandparents
Not a given or a universal
I am certainly glad they are in our lives
I enjoy the humming and tapping and life they bring to each day
I even enjoy driving to cancelled practices because the birds that sing there are different than the ones that sing here
OK Enough
More pictures next time
Progress in mud land and fiber land I hope
Peace and blessings to you this day and all days

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