Saturday, July 1, 2006

A Day With The Shed Barn

Saturday - a good day. Great haircut day. Then home to help with the Shed Barn.

DH did the fly rafters today and the face plate to the over hang on the roof. I can understand why he wanted someone around to hold things and hand things and move things. Neither one of us is very fond of heights and climbing ladders went the way of the high heeled sneakers about 10 years ago when the Orthopeadist said flat lander experiences are the ones for you.

But hey if I listened to every thing that I was told I would be sitting in a rocking chair not doing much.

I love being a part of all of this. I have no clue why. Watching it come together and knowing that I helped by doing the small things makes me happy and excited to be a part of something much larger than I am. Also the adult sized wading pool felt oh so good after all that hot sun.

Tomorrow after church we will go to the hardware store which will be a blast from the past. When our children were small we would go to church and on the way home always take them to the hardware store. Maybe for old time sake I will get one of those carts and ride it in the ailse and pretend that the kids are on the bottom and laugh right out loud...

Tomorrow is green roof day and more 2x4's. YEAH!!!

We had a small discussion about the foundation work - that did not get very far as I am not interested in having the yard dug up for another year to see if two feet is enough to solve the problem - that story did not get far at all. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The ice pack beckons.

Enjoy the Sabbath and visit your local house of prayer.

I will be at Chruch of the Good Samaritan, Episcopal, 25 Amelia Olive Branch Road at 10:30 am. Maybe you can come too.

Blessings to you this day and all days.

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