Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Almost gone - February

I am finishing the things on my January list
  • maps
  • socks
  • working on sweater
  • diet and exercise
  • being of good cheer

So I am glad I had things to accomplish and for the most part I am happy with myself.

Now if I could get my socks for February to post on the SAM5 blog I would be even happier.

I checked the rice link and played the game for 800 grains of rice... fun stuff if you have not played...

Sleep beckons - Thursday and Friday and it is the weekend again - and a concert to see again this weekend - seems my #2 granddaughter is in a honors concert with some local choirs - I love concerts - how fun this will be to watch - reviews after the week ends....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

February - Saturday - Get 'er Done!

I am tired of February.

Off to trim toe nails on Itty Bitty Cat who is quite the feline!

I am teaching Sunday School and we are making prayer beads Episocopal style and I love the whole hour I spend doing this. Prayer is my stronghold and always has been. I pray a lot during the day and church has never been my singular spot for prayer. I pray always in traffic. I pray when getting on and off the Interstate. I pray in the garden the best as I compost a lot of stuff into the soil.

Currently the soil is buried under too much ice.

Oh and there is an adventure tonight - we are off to see Larry the Cable Guy! Get 'er done!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Confession is good for the knitting!

I had put Lori's sweater in Hiatus for a year. I needed a year to clear my head.

Now I know I proofed the pattern when I laid it out - I know my pattern could not have purposely skipped a whole column - but I did - so even last night when I was exhausted and after reattaching the shoulder saddles to the front for the third time - I just stopped and looked and counted and looked again - - - in all my sorrow from all the things that went on about me - - - - I simply did not add in the filler stitches on the left side of the pattern - so I was unable to get the start I needed...

So tonight on a clean sheet of paper I have laid out the neck front again and this time - with a few added stitches in the ditch between the cables - I will have even numbers on both sides and life will go cabling along - - Oh Lord of Twisted Stitches I Pray!

TomorrowI will be teaching Sunday School - the lesson is Prayer and we will be making Prayer Beads - so I will practice my prayers while I stitch - you do realize that both knitting and cross stitching are my deepest form of prayers - all my stories are placed there and woven neat - unlike the reality that we traverse each day.

Healing prayers to my daughter and my sister - they both have big ouchies!

Dear Lord - father and mother to us all - be with my daughter and my sister as they heal - give them your patience - give them the energy to mend and knit the bones and tissues back together in wholeness and health. Oh we do indeed pray.

Rest up - Monday cometh!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

So, I was walking the dog

The weather was actually balmy outside. There were pockets of fog that you walked through and the fog made the night not so dark, almost grey like.

I was thinking about how a year ago it was 10 below zero in Cleveland and we were staying in a hotel having just buried my Dad. I was thinking how BK died today and is in heaven now, at peace with no more pain or struggle. I was also thinking how much my daughter will miss her and I was glad that it was not 10 below zero tonight.

My next thought was how Dad would walk Charlie every night.

Then, something very strange happened. Jackson stopped and started acting like someone was there petting him, tail wagging, head up, happy to see someone. I did not see anyone in the area or on the street. It was calm and waves of fog were about me. I felt Dad’s presence and then I heard these words in my mind:

“BK is with us now. She is fun to be with. She loves music and art. She is perfect. Thanks for sending your very best to us. We will be gone for a while now travelling. We will be OK. We have museums to see, great Symphonies to hear and trails to hike. We may even teach her to like Jazz."

I heard Dad chuckle and the conversation was over.

That quick Jackson went back to walking like no one was near.

The weather started to chill, the fog lifted, and the wind started to blow.

We were home and the peace inside from those moments will be palpable for a while I am sure… I think life will be grand now. I think everything is going to be OK...

Sunday, February 3, 2008


My sister is on Vay-Kay and I think it is the best gift she decided to give herself.
My neice posted a great poem for meditation on her blog spot A LITTLE LIFE
I am going on another long walk with the dog and Mister today
We are trying a different service for church today - a U2charist.
My feelings on that will be reviewed after we try it out.
I can guarantee it will either keep us young or make us feel old.
I am hoping for the first.
The cause I support - just not sure about the venue - I need a certain amount of silence in my prayer - but maybe I can learn a whole new way to pray!
I am open and willing that is for certain.
OK, then, off to conquer the great day....

Friday, February 1, 2008

What really determines a pair of socks?

Top sock is Classy Slip-on from Betsy Lee McCarthy. Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn. Knit from the top down. This sock is to be finished during the CNN debate tonight and then the MSNBC Countdown program.

Bottom sock is Foxgloves from Cat Bohrdi. Knit in Yarn art. Knit from the toe up.

Now why knit two socks together at the same time - so I had a visual example of what it would look like - I am a visual learner. I also like to have a challenge. Bottom sock will be finished this weekend as I have decided to ground myself - stay home and knit!

Google does not want to load this to the blog tonight – too much democracy taking place! So this is really my February 1 posting - but I did get under the wire on SAM 5!

So what kind of day did you have little girl? Well it started when the yogurt exploded in my purse. Then it leaked on the new seat covers in my car. So the cats thought I had a milk bottle for them in my purse – sorry to disappoint you. I have carried yogurt in my purse in the morning ever since yogurt became the staple that it is today during the late 1960’s and NEVER have I had one explode.

I am not trying to compete with anyone on bad days, but really, I almost went home and went back to bed. I persevered onward. I took care of the cats and went on to the job. Where my plans for the day were redirected by people who do not feel the passion I do for outreach and education of women.

Onward I went and finished a lot of to-do’s and then came home to an absolutely divine dinner. Now the debates have started. The side I am on is not necessary to express, I just love the discourse. I hope that they decide to answer the questions tonight.

Google does not want to load this to the blog tonight – probably all those people watching the above event on-line!


So how is your family doing? My middle sister is on a well deserved vacation to Florida and New Orleans. My daughter is in Hocking Hills for a little get-a-way with her husband. We are staying home and enjoying several years of Christmas presents: Chairs, hottub, yarn and books.


Friday was a bit rough too - but I decided that if I could pull a U-turn on a busy street as a habit of life I could just about conquer a crappy day. And so I did. I also wore these great socks that I finished last night

Now I have decided to finish the other pair, start again on DD#3's sweater and teach DD#2 how to knit (at her request)
That is a wrap... Sweet winter dreams