Sunday, October 22, 2006

They all brought home winners

I try and keep up with things about me.
The Cincinnati Bengals won.
The Denver Broncos are winning at I type (sorry Cleveland).
I think I heard that Notre Dame beat UCLA..
The Batavia Cheetah's won the second championship game which means that next weekend they play again - GO Cheetah's!!!!!

I know that the Batavia Cheetah's won because I got a call from a star Cheetah. I went to the first game of the tournament just as they were clearing the field - had the wrong time stored in my memory bank. That was OK. Em decided that she could play Soccer better if she got her hair cut and so she did in the two hours between games. I think it is a genius of a child woman that knows a haircut can change your day! They came back and won the second game in the tournament. Seems they play faster games when it is 40 bbrrrrgrees outside.

Yesterday was a great fall day. John finished trimming the basharn and installing the lofts above the doors while I was at a Steinmart Trade In Trade Up event for Interparish Ministries.

Back of basharn all trimmed out
and here is a close up of the windows all trimmed up
Who'd a thought that such a tiny detail would make such a huge impact!

I also spent some time giving birth to Lori's sweater. Back to work for me - I am against a clock that cannot be stalled. Graduation will come and I promised a sweater for a gift of a year of dedication to school - she did her part and now I must do mine.... I may post only pics for a while as these words seem to slow me down... Stay warm

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