Monday, July 10, 2006


A big fat daisy. What could be better than that? I have always been a fan of daisies. Had them in my bouquet when I got married. I have grown them everywhere I have lived even if we were not "suppose" to plant things - like say in govt. quarters. I enjoy the look, the freshness, the sheer brightness that says "I will and I can"

I have other things doing well this summer. In the background you see a small rose. They were mulched heavily last winter and that is proving to be a blessing because I do not have to haul a hose up front to water them - God is doing a fine job.

The shed barn is ready for inspection tomorrow. The grands and husband will be heading to the local Home Deposit to get siding, windows and doors. I see an end to this process. There will be electicity to the shed barn, but not until the foundation is dug and reinstated.

Life is so full of blessings. Health being primary. Love and caring. Communication. Food. Shelter. Ability to learn. Ability to create. Friends. Family. Work to keep the day full. Freedom. Happiness. Ability to learn to live with differing opinions and still have community. God's love that permeates everything inside and outside. God's love is so overpowering that even in times of crisis the divine spark is at work and we just have to wait for our limited senses to grasp the bigger picture. There have been times in my life when I was sure that God did not care for me - that SHe had left me for lost and abandoned. I wandered aimlessly only to find that God did not abandon me, But I abandoned God. I turned my eyes, heart, ears, mind and soul away from all the abundant blessings that are the signs that God has to show us Her love. Periodically this still happens and as I have taught myself - even in times of darkness - to look for the beauty and search out the Love that does not make sense in the current moment, but is indeed a life line to return to the awareness of the Love that permeates each and every day.

I guess I never knew how much a daisy can make a person think. Guess that is why I like to bring the flowers inside - to remind me on several levels that God does love me and SHe will never abandon me.

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colin said...

I agree with you fully about counting our blessings. We are guided and given more than we know. I was watching an episode of Touched By An Angel the other day and I said to myself 'wll no bloody angel saved me when i was a child' and suddenly realised that many angels came into my life-from techers and neighbours to my friends. Help isn't always in the most obvious way. Whilst She could not prevent what adults around me did, She did make sure that I had love from others.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.