Saturday, July 8, 2006

It is a roof and it does not leak

It is truly a red letter day because we finished the roof. All 24 feet of it times 4 sections. It was a quality teamwork effort. Becky and Jenn and Em and Fele came over on the 4th of July. We measured and we cut and we learned and developed quite a rhythm after a while. If the laughter could have counted toward the finished roof - we would have been done in no time flat.
Felecia hammered in all the hurricane clips so that the roof will stay attached in the event of a hurricane (or tornado which is more likely here in Clermont County). But it was only 1/2 finished when it was time for the high wire worker, Becky to leave.
Once upon a time, John would have been the one on the peak, but he has learned that being macho does not necessarily mean you have to do it all or be the high wire worker. That was a prayer answered when he did let Becky climb to the peak and do that work. All her cabinet training came in handy drilling in all the hundreds of screws in the tin roof.
So later on the 4th Jenn, Fele and Em and Blert and I had dinner and a good time was had by all.

Becky offered to come over on Thursday night and the sterling support team came along too. Everyone had the opportunity to eat before we started if they so choose and John and Becky were at the second high peak in no time flat and Jenn was doing the moving and lifting of the tin panels.

Em and I were busy too. We did some metal detection, we cleaned the site (a clean site is a happy site), Em raked up the grass cuttings, we collected a couple of buckets of stone from the foundation and we found a toad.

I have always had toads where I lived. I was beginning to believe I had done them in with chemicals that I have put down to get rid of the millions of wild violets that replicate grass, in that they are green. In my old house it was a sad day when Mr. Toad met the garage door. I had almost given up on finding one here. But Em saved me from that fear.

Em is strong and very agile. Thursday is trash day and she certainly earned her stripes hauling trash to the front because we all know that construction site trash is not light. One garbage can had seen it's last haul and I let Em write the note to Rumpke. "Please Please" she started - Oh so precious!

So today John and I developed a plan to finish the roof and with a few detours and an extra trip to the beloved Home Deposit we were successful in our goal. In the pictures it looks perfect and that is where I am going to leave that discussion - it looks perfect.

Next is the siding, the windows, trip work and the doors. All this can start AFTER the framing inspection that John is calling for on Monday.

Whew I say whew.

Tomorrow is an impromptu picnic at church - come if you can - Church of the Good Samaritan - 25 Amelia Olive Branch Church, Amelia, Ohio 45103

Tomorrow also a website meeting which will hopefully get our church website up and running again.


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