Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It is really rubber, really!

I had many people convinced that the rubber that was going on the wall had a resevoir.
Sweetie told me it did and as weird as most construction stuff is - how it is made to be right and left handed - how it is male and female ends - how it has biscuits in it - a million innuendos and terms that can me construed in several different ways - - - so when sweetie said it was a large rubber with a resevoir I believed him. It is green that is for sure but alas and alack - no resevoir.
I do have two huge piles of rocks, a Bobcat and an extra bucket in the front yard. John is parked across the yard and there is enough room for my car in the drive. I have seen crazy before - but this is taking the cake.
At night lately I have had mercy on Casey who cannot walk about the yard at leisure and I have been taking him for walks. The last two nights the cat, Achia, has been following along. First night we walked to Rumpke which was doable and Casey wanted to cross and keep going - - ah I said - NO we need to go home. Tonight we walked to the dead end of the road and several times I tried to steer him home to no avail. So the dog and the cat and I took a long and leisurely stroll for the better part of 40 minutes... no cardio there just patience making. At one point he just laid down in the grass - oh dear I thought - so I took the leash off him and soon he was at my side. He loves the walks and I am going to keep them up until he can do a whole stretch of the street without a nap.
Speaking of naps - I need a 7 hour one. TTFN.

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