Thursday, November 2, 2006

Sunshine, blue skies and love, L'chei-im!

Pictures of Lake Mead wetland and Red Rock Canyon - very appropriate name if you ask me and a picture of I believe that if it were not a drought there would be water aplenty - but not so much now! Still beautiful! We spent one day driving a 13 mile scenic drive and viewing several overlooks. Then driving to Lake Mead where the signs of no rain are very evident.

Here are the family pictures! My sister Bobbie, her husband Bob and their daughter Kim. John and I in matching Sun Coast sweatshirts and Bling Bling from the casino (small family joke)

And then there is the happy couple. Rob and Heather Novak! The ceremony was very nice. Heather and Rob wrote their own committment vows and you could feel the love flow one to another while they said their promises. Two readings - one from Gibran and the other the lyrics from Roberta Flak's song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" Needless to say the tears were just awash on faces which was OK by me ...

The entire 5 days were beautiful. I have a whole new appreciation for the word ARID. Coming back to reality of winter weather has been a whole other story.

I did get some knitting done while in the air and hubby read two books between NV and OH.

Life continues at the warp speed we left it - but I have a warm space in my heart for the days spent with family laughing and celebrating the new life of Rob and Heather Novak. L'chei-im to life and love and health.

That is my wish for all... L'chei-im!

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Amy said...

Hi! I like your pictures too! That was my first time out to Vegas and I had no idea that it's so scenic out there. Red Rock Canyon is beautiful, I was also able to go out to Zion Park in Utah. I kept sticking my head out of the car window saying STUNNING! It was as if you were looking at a postcard, I loved it out there!