Friday, July 21, 2006

NOTHING is ever easy

Nothing is ever easy.

That has been my life story. I remember in High School when I was making hand silk-screened Christmas cards - as I walked home at 7pm in the cold darkness of a Cleveland winter - nothing that I ever undertake is easy. It was a delicate card pattern that I had to cut from the wax, I wanted silver on blue paper - which was a hunt to find the paper and the silver needed really strong solvents and it gave one a buzz and a headache the next day - the likes of which I still remember.

But that has stuck with me - - - nothing that I do is ever easy. Raising three children with a husband that travelled or was on duty all the time - - raising the three children and two being twins - - - moving 10 times in 14 years - - - learning to drive at 21 was not easy - - flying to Germany with a 6 year old was not easy - - rehabbing a house and living in it was not easy - not this time or for our first time - - - all the cross stitch patterns I chose were not easy - - sewing patterns difficult - - - making kites is not easy - - - the Aran sweater is not easy - - - AND HAVING A MOAT AROUND YOUR CASTLE IS NOT EASY.

OK, I heard my husband say CRAP tonight when he looked outside and saw the rain continue to fall and it was filling the moat as fast as it was draining - CRAP indeed.

One good thing from the moat - all the water is outside and it is only slightly damp in the basement even without the Rubb-r-wall installation. We need some dry days before Tuesday so that the foundation can be washed and the ground is dry for the installers... I told John - wait and see - when we plant the grass - there will be no rain from the heavens - we will be on our own.

Seeking boring and normal - do not know what I will do with it - but not living in a mud surrounded house will indeed be the kind of boring normal life I am eagerly seeking.

Emily is recovering from her adventures in moat wall scaling. She successfully managed to climb the walls of the moat, but slid down the same face she had just scaled. In her descent she encountered a busted clay tile. It became embedded in the arch of her foot (her mother and aunt know the proper term). Needless to say there were some fast showers taken and a trip to the first ER and then a discharge to a second ER. That was a long 24 hours... 8 pm Wednesday night to 8 pm Thursday pm was a long long time. There are some sweet sweet people at Children's Hospital and some very fine angels walking those halls. Jenn and Becky met them all. I came in as a second wind and John came in at the last inning to round up the bases and get 'er done. We played as a team and did it all. Even learned you only get in the long lines at a Hospital Cafeteria - - - if the regulars do not eat it - - you do not want to either.... Belly Bombs are not good.

Felecia is home from Dance Camp and I can hardly wait to hear the stories...

Like I said - - it has not been an easy week - why I expected it to be is beyond me. The only truth I can tell from all my adventures High School to the present time:

Going to give sleep a try. Not easy for me either. Exhaustion is through and through me so I am hoping that sleep wins - - and the Valerian kicks in to calm the nerves and too many cups of coffee.

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