Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thought while baking...

Christmas and these cookies are a necessity with which I will not do without...

... it was a cold and stormy night.

... hummm 12 cups of flour and this bowl do not work...

... pizzelles would make the children happy, he said with a grin, knowing that it would make him happy too!

... don't forget the dog food tomorrow...

... a humble and contrite heart...

... bread making is such a fun thing to do in the winter and I am glad I do not have to do it in the summer...

... love - whether you love one person or 20 people - the yield is almost like yeast - more than you started with... so when new people come into your circle the love is not lessened but multiplied...

... oops forgot that there was a date with the children and friends who sing at a local pizzeria tonight. OOPS Sorry about that... they are playing until 10 and that is 3 hours, but what about the pizzelles? the bread? guess I am missing the party and they toast to my new job.

... I miss seeing my sisters. That is a new experience because until recently I did not see them but every 5 years or so. Life has given us back to each other and that is good.

... annuities and security and growing old...

... a new job... every day in 2006 was allowed to be different

... a new set of friends... going to keep a few of the old ones for sure

... are pizzelles better than chocolate chip cookies or just different...

... I will start to Write things down more often ...

be well - be kind one to another - treat all people with patience and listen more than you speak and bundle up when it is cold outside...

Check ya later after the reason for the Season has come and made a new home in my heart...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday, December 22

Good Day to you sirs and madams,

This is a year for renewed memories. Old will blend with new and love will seal the gap.

Nights will be happy and tears will cleanse away the pain and sorrows.

You can be at peace knowing that even if the world is askew (as our Christmas tree is askew) you can have peace and love within your soul.

Life is an amazing miracle. LOVE is an amazing element in that life.

I am off to see what the day has to hold now that my lap has adequately held the cats and my leg has had a few more puncture wounds from said cat.

Enjoy your miracles today. Smile a lot and let others see your peace.

Fiber, who met Mud, and created strong willed children.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Today did not start out to break my heart
but the day did a fine job
The sight of Christmas ornaments that always lived at my parents house was so hard to see on the floor of my house
My daughter was sad because a life freind had to cancel plans with her tonight because her house was full of children with the flu
My other daughter had sadness of another sort to share
The day was meant to be a joyous one of setting up the Christmas tree and seeing the old meshed with the new old ornaments which did happen
We had fun trying to lift the 250 pound live balled tree to a proper position in the house
So we have a "Charlie Brown" slanted tree. It is a fine specimen of spruce, but it sits a little askew
This is the season of giving
I would give all I have to bring things back to the way they were when the ornaments were new
To bring the acedemic year back to its start
To make people well
Gift of the Magi - I am off to research the story - I think it has a lesson there I need to read again.
Peace to you this season - happiness from within - count what you have and be blessed - I am in all my family blessed - thank you for being in my family....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday - Tuesday - Tuesday....

It was not a Monday it was a Tuesday - but you sure could have fooled me.

I was somewhat productive... all things being relative

Remember that new toy well it was christened tonight

In the most traditional of ways

One thing I decided today while waiting for the cars infront of me to move... no matter how the powers decide what is best for them - no matter how things turn out as I wait for an answer - I have been true to myself - I have been honest about who I am and my capabilities. I can sleep at night knowing that I did the best I could do. I have not lied or cheated. I surrounded myself with friends who support me and believe me to be who I am so I could ask for references.

I cannot be responsible for how others act or think - I can only be responsible for how I act and how I think. So let the decision makers get it together. Let them decide who they want on the team and if I make the cut super I will dance with Snoopy all night long. If things turn otherwise I will also dance because I will not have to be miserable because a sound decision was not made. I guess I am at a point in my life where I do not suffer fools gladly, seeing myself as wise.

So that is where the head and the heart are today sports fans...

Be good to yourself and enjoy your wisdom that you hold inside yourself...

Monday, December 11, 2006


It is so hard waiting.

When you want change to happen you want it now - not in the universal best time.

So I am waiting and I am trying to be of good spirit and of good cheer. I find that noise makes some minutes go faster and then again silence makes others fast forward. I know I am in an impatient time because I am listening to NPR radio and actully paying attention to Diane Rehm, whose voice usually takes me off the planet.

I am trying to focus on the days and be a good scout...

Change - never sought it so hard.

Change - never came so involved with its passing.

Change - never took an interest in it.

Maybe 2007 will be the year of more change, but change I seek out and mold to my life.

Oh Lord I pray.

New toy still reading the directions. Tomorrow I will not have the standing restrictions I have today and I can make some cookies - - - - wonder what kind? Any guesses?

See you all in my dreams tonight....