Monday, August 14, 2006

Another day in Paradise

So I have been patient as can be - almost.
The neighbors were asking about this project and a completion date. They were nice enough in the asking - but kind of silly seeing as Mother Nature has been our worst enemy. The excavtor no more left that the heavens openned up with 6-inches of rain!

We thought we could hire some of the work out to a landscaper and John sent out bid requests. The answers that came back lead me to say "There are a whole lot of $200.00 in that number." $200.00 being the amount it costs to rent a bobcat.

So we will work on it dutifully.

I called my Dad in the hopital and told him about the conversations the neighbors had with John and he suggested we take a picture of the yard and send it as a Christmas card and title the card "Another Day in Pardise" I just about choked because my Dad delivered that line from the hospital bed so calmly and casually... So withoout further ado I will show you another day in paradise...

And then there is the portion of my life that portrays my everlasting belief in HOPE and the picture of what Hope Springs Eternal looks like to me a Tomatoe Plant growing out the side of my Compost bin - surely there is great soil in there and I am going to let it grow and see if inspite of all the chaos of the summer I can boast a single tomatoe...

Blessings of health and peace to you and joyful thanksgiving for prayers answered.



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