Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday is just a word

Been on this plan for a while now....
Looked at the exercise today....
Said - what the heck! Go ahead and give it a try....
100 is just a number!
But when you accomplish 100 Dumbell Rows and 100 weighted step ups...
Well you feel - hot and sweaty and exhausted but accomplished...
No matter what happens from here today I know where I started and what I accomplished before 8 am!
Monday is just a word!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday visits are fun

I love a surprise.

I had a planned practice session with my daughter today. Always nice to have a good client practice session with a good sense of humor thrown in there for comfort. I need to practice my Healing Touch technique and get the questions to a comfortable point and the listening peaked.

So I get people I know to lay still and I lay my hands on them and practice my gift. Works for me. I learn more each time I do this and I can see a pattern developing that I can continue along in comfort, naturally.

Back to the surprise. I got a phone call asking me to teach a friend and her friend how to knit Socks! How much fun is that going to be. I need the practice teaching (period) and what better way to teach sock knitting to teachers. This will be a fun experience. Win - win all around.

So many new doors openning and I just need to go on through them... interesting.

So there are no pictures today. Monday is suppose to be dry and sunny. This will be great for pictures... Lots of pictures... promise.

Maybe even the two turtles will be available for this photo shoot!

OK. Now all the emails I have ignored all day. A small meditation and then to bed...

Each day I learn to Let Go and Let God...

Sweet Dreams to you all.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I know that time goes by in 24 hour intervals. I just stop sometimes and gasp at how fast they fly by and at times how painfully slow the minutes trudge along.
This has been a very good half summer.
I have read each day which was my resolution in January!
I have the garden as full as I want it. Room to walk between the plants and sit down if I so choose. The tomatoe plants are doing well but they would like night time temps about 70 degrees or more I am sure. The pepper plants are doing OK and the cucumber plant has been the star pupil already giving us two long cukes! I also have two turtles which surprised me a lot! Because I thought I only had one!
Today I planted in the garden three pots of starter basil plants, one Italian, One Thai, and one Kapro. Two will be for food and the third will be for tea. I have two jars of tea herbs almost full already! I have used the chipped wood from our yard for mulch in the herb section and it makes it look so quaint. It is just hiding clay mud but that is OK. The plants may disagree! Oh well! I used the grass that Fele pulled as mulch in another spot and have a few other mulch experiments going.
Still need to plant the fig tree!
Because this has been a coolish summer for the most part, we have been able to keep the windows open and the AC off. This is a help. Besides I do not feel like a prisoner in my own house with the windows open!
I have seem some amazing growth in my children over the last 6 months. The kind that makes your heart swell. I have seen some moments when slow and steady have paid off enormously. There is still some pain in their lives but for the most part they have made peace with it and accept it as part of the day.
I had a conversation with some new people last week and it was most refreshing. They actually paid attention to me and our conversation instead of ducking out to chat on a cell phone. It actually amazes me that I became accustomed to such rude behavior.
How open are my eyes now.
OK, One daughter requested photos of the garden. The rain stalled that process. Tomorrow.
I am going to practice my gift tomorrow. My intent will be to be focused on love. Unconditional love.
Sunday beckons.
One more circle of knitting and I will be on to the pattern of the sock!
Photos indeed!
Keeping a good thought that my friend who is visiting with her husband that returned from Iraq on Saturday is doing well! Got to be hard. Like a first date and honeymoon all at the same time. Peace to them I send.

Friday, June 19, 2009


1. Eye exam - uneventful.
2. Seeds and plants - in soil and doing well. The garden even got a much needed weeding. Most seeds have shown up in the right place even though we have had lots of rain.
3. Cats are doing fine. Friend is doing OK too.
4. Socks need a few more rows.
5. Other socks are going to be late.
6. Read for Women's group. More to read.
7. Read for Healing Touch class. More to finish. Class this weekend and I am so ready to move on that I almost explode sometimes with enthusiasm...
8. Back on the diet and the exercise plan. Need to really focus on a way to make it more a life style and less like a "plan" that has a beginning and an end timeframe. I am sure the doctor on Monday will have words about that - seeing as my blood sugar levels over the last 3 months of chaos were terrible!
9. Packages mailed.
10. Cleaned a few more corners.
11. Looking forward and planning my next steps carefully.

Friday, May 29, 2009


1 - Cat care this summer - remember to mark the calendar
2 - eye appointment - hope it is uneventful
3 - plant the plants in the garden and the seeds and the flowers
4 - collect all the stick and twigs for the chipper that now works
5 - relax in the pool
6 - read for Women's Group
7 - read for Healing Touch
8 - finish current socks
9 - start new set of socks for someone else
10 - wash the car

That is enough of a list for me - maybe when I get more than half done I will revisit the list and add more - right now this is fine with me.

I have this list going now because I cannot get on FB. First the computer demanded that it be scanned which took long enough that I could do a complete chakra connection on myself. Now the phishing filter is scanning for phish!

I need to go to bed because I am tired and I cannot get a good eye exam when I am tired.

Did I mention a crown fell off my tooth today? Went to bite into a brownie and there it was... So I will fit that into the list behind eyes and before clean the car... should work just fine!

have a great night!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mud makes me happy and other misc thoughts

I wonder why digging in dirt and planting things in that dirt make me so happy.
I am most content when either planting or grooming or just being in the garden. It is a very hallowed place for me. Must remember to bring in some soil to plant things in this winter. The fact that February is my worst month may have something to do with deprivation from mud!
So my daughter has this great discovery posted on her FB site!
if that does not work it is:

Drama Button... For all of life's unnecessary drama. This is a fun and humorous way to compliment the epic moments in life.
How many millions of times could I have used that? Mentally I have played it over and over again - usually followed by an audible sigh!
gardening in the light of the moon and stars is the best!
love covers hate like paper covers rock
going to bed when you are tired shows a lot of maturity - I wonder if I will ever arrive at that point?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts are rather random

  • I have reconnected with three friends over the last 60 days that I have not seen or visited with in three years.
  • The young call this "reconnecting" networking! I call this joy.
  • These friends and I shared like we talked yesterday. Very good and very odd.
  • One friend is moving to NC because her husband took a job there. Good travels my friend.
  • An evening in the garden fixes just about everything.
  • Digging clay is hard work but turning a new leaf is no easier.
  • Validation is important. I am calm when explaining myself and my dreams, which is new for me as they have always been a bit oblique in the past. Now my dreams and paths are clear and open and can easily be articulated.
  • Intense must be a mandate for me - I always seem to find intense situations into which to jump
  • New horizons await my next steps and I feel like the horizon line is very close
  • I discovered just how twisted some situations really are today and the whole thing left me with a rather sick stomach
  • I have two friends in the service. One in Iraq and the other in Afganistan. Soon to have a third. One comes home in the late summer. One just went over and the third reports for duty in July. Brave and noble men, all three and I pray for them without ceasing.
  • Someone said "no pain, no gain." they should feel my legs right now. I think I have gained the world
  • The toads "peeping" in spring is the most important sound of the entire natural cycle
  • I have a box turtle living in my garden
  • The compost piles are cooking
  • I emptied my worm bin into one of my compost piles to hasten the process
  • Lots to do - so to make it simple - we will make a list and pick the five most important things to accomplish and let the rest be as they will. We cannot recapture yesterday - we can only live today.
  • I am finished with these random thoughts and my hands want a rest from work.

Sleep well my friends, sleep well.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day the Lord has made

In comparison to the the last couple of weeks - today was a blast. I really like my house filled with people and laughter.

We all gathered to share an Easter meal.

All the children home and giggling and chatting and having a great time.

Just that fast they were all headed back in their own direction. Back to their own nest.

Funny how thin the line of transition.

One minute eight around the table and in a blink; two in recliners resting...

Life is like that - a fine line between the changes and chances of life - how fast we transition between what floats our boat. How fast we turn our gaze to the new passion in our life. How fast the changes and chances of life happen. I think that is a good thing. Un-attaching from the last entanglement may take a while - but once you steady your gaze on the new horizon I find people to be perfectly happy with their new adventures.

Changed your path lately?

Changed your gaze on the world?

Are you starting something exciting?

Are you becoming someone you like better?

Making new friends?

Finding a deepening of your love?

Wanting more peace and serenity?

There is a song from West Side Story that tells us that it is just around the corner. Time to start walking...

Love - peace - joy can be yours...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am thank-filled.
Thank-filled with awe.
Thank-filled with the people who have sat with me and whispered prayers for me when I had no words.
While the human connection, not seen with the eyes, is certainly felt with the heart.
Thank-filled that my eyes are aware of these miracles, angels and saints.
LESSON LEARNED: Storms clear your vision.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It was Saturday night and I was

One week ago I am sure I was online on Saturday night because I remember going to bed at 11:37pm.

I did a good job of sleeping until 3:30am when my husband jumped put of bed, stumbled to the bathroom, and banged his way back to bed - panting and struggling to breathe the whole time. He went in the bathroom to get his robe and I thought he was just going to sleep in the chair in the front room... Well the lights went on and I knew this was not just a position change - he was severely struggling for breath... tried the hot tub to see if he could relax and relieve the pain - not so much.

We got on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and shoes. I got on some jeans and a fleece and then I did one stupid thing... we got in the car... I had to decide if I wanted SR32 to the east or I-275. I chose the direct I-275 route... not a big a chance of deer and no stop signs. Doing 90 mph my husband is trying to find a space in the car where he could expand his lungs to get air. I am so scared I crank the heat and he opens the window. I was so afraid that he was going to open the door... Dumb thing to do - drive a sick person to the hospital...

Pneumonia was the diagnosis and we got admitted to the hospital – general floor. Monday was a blur. They did x-rays and ultrasounds. About 1:30pm there was a CT and about 3pm there was surgery... Thank God for doctors who know great things about the body. Obviously the pneumonia had been there for two weeks – with no cough or even a cold.

Surgery went fine. In ICU for comfort - discharged to a regular room because he was doing so well on Monday – that stopped on Tuesday and we were back in ICU. It was a little sketchy there for a few hours but overall things have been going well ever since Tuesday.

We had a few rough patches - a few moments of climbing the mountain that was harder than most - a few tears - but the miracle is that I felt all the prayers that were coming our way.

Grandchildren did not argue. My daughters were comforting. Texting was a blessing. Each word - each sigh - each thought felt warm and wrapped me in protection from doubt, fear and panic. I am most grateful for all the people who lifted their hearts and minds to the heaven above. I am not fussy which higher power you choose to pray to - our whole family felt just the fact that you chose to do that small gesture.

I called my Healing Touch Therapist to assist with the healing process. Wednesday and Thursday night, John had HT therapy and it made all the difference in his process. I was able to supplement on Friday and Saturday nights what was started on Wednesday and Thursday nights. John feels relaxed afterward and has a new appreciation for what I am studying.

Today John walked with the assist of a walker - up and down the halls - even doing a few jumping jacks and a few loops with the walker... The nurse roared. We got rid of the IV pole. No Bi-Pap. No BP cuff on continuous cycle.

He wants to sleep tonight. He was on his side trying to curl up and get comfortable. I hope he was successful because he will be a new person with 8 hours behind him. He wants his normal Sunday Sabbath - as many naps as we can fit into one day...

So it is Saturday night again... I am seeking boring and normal. I want chicken and broccoli with rice. I want Ice Tea and dogs to walk. I know that when John comes home things will be different for a while and normal and boring will take on a new feel. But I will seek normal with all my heart.

You just never know how fast your life can change when it is Saturday night and you are on the computer until 11:30 pm...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some days you should knock the dust off your feet

Some days should be washed off your feet as soon as they are done.

Today was one of them. Fiber meets Mud and they like to play in the yard. After a winter we have lots of play time because leaves fall; branches fall; sweet gum balls fall; fall falls over the place.

So Saturday, instead of exercise regime, we decided to rake all the yard litter. I have very high respect for my aging body on these adventures. I make lots of little piles all over the yard and then I slowly go around and pick them up with some form of container - maybe a garbage can - maybe a wheelbarrow.

Well, the Manly Mud was helping and as I have done in my youth - he made a few large piles - used the best rake swinging action I have seen in years - really got the sweet gum balls to loft up in the air.. That was Saturday morning. We finished shortly after lunch. By then I had pain all over my body. I wanted a hot shower and a flat bed after consuming the perfect amount of Advil to conquer the pain. A nice long soak in the hot tub helped too. Good food and 10 hours of sleep.

I also felt a little defeated because the Mister did not seem phased by the two hours of yard work - until Saturday night. Then there was a little twinge... By Sunday morning it was a HUGE twinge and more rest was the remedy - Monday rest - Tuesday rest - and then there was last night - as I am sleeping I hear these two little squeaks... "eeek eeek. I can't breathe..." well that wakes you up... So after the Mister got up and wrapped his chest with an ace bandage and took something for the pain... he crawls back in bed... so for the rest of the night I listened to make sure he was breathing... as dawn broke we had the "seek medical professional help" at the Urgent Care conversation - which he did willingly. Diagnosis: you pulled a muscle - go home and rest - if it continues see your regular doctor...

As the day progressed some relief came with "Ice Ice Baby" and more rest. The Mister rests like I do - he made some great Potatoe and Sausage Soup. It was delicious.

So as the day comes to an end I pray that the pain for Mister has gone away and that sleep comes easily. I did stress out about my Mister being in pain - after 39 years of friendship - a person worries and even panics a little... I know how fragile the human condition is and I respect it immensely. I love my Mister!

So now day is done.

Brush off the dust of the day.

Moving on to tomorrow... Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That's what I am talking about!

It was a perfectly heavenly day mixed with enough play from the local leprechaun to make it worth your while being Irish...

I had an early meeting and that was enjoyable for Dress for Success. A good time was had by all! I had made a cup of coffee for the commute and the leprechaun let me forget to grab it while going out the door. I missed it just as I was merging on to I-71 North from I-471! Somehow, I forgot that it was a left hand merge adventure - but found space in the lane and managed to get over in plenty of time.

The rest of the day was funny too. Somehow, the leprechaun kept putting Peanut M&M's on my desk which flew into my mouth without a thought!

The sun was shining and the weather divine. I had a nice walk with the dog and spent an hour cleaning up the garden.

I found:
a medium sized Box turtle
Lemon Balm
German celery

The blueberry bushes are very bud worthy!
The grape vines look healthy!
the worm bin was active
the mulch bin was warm

and I got muddy and soil under my nails and it was a perfectly delicious experience!

So - how was your Saint Patrick’s Day? Did the leprechaun play with you?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

random thoughts

Because I believe it is important to grow and learn - some days I do not recognize myself as I pass through different thoughts
Sometimes plumbing is your friend and sometimes it is just crap!
I read through the Farmer's Almanac for March and saw the word snow as many times as I did in February. I was not amused.
Sometimes putting yourself in "time out" is all you need to relieve the stress of a crappy week.
I am making friends with a very untrusting Bitty cat. Even comes out for petting now. I am amazed.
Night in Rodanthe was a good movie to watch on a cold night.
Pilates surely mixes it up. I am sure tomorrow I am going to be sorry I mixed it up!
I repotted the Bay Leaf Plant today. I originally dug it out of the garden one cold day last October. I guess it barerooted itself because today when I took it out of the pot, half of the soil was gone. So after I potted it and watered it, the leaves actually look green. Guess that plants like humans need to be well grounded in order to grow and thrive.
I looked at those bare roots for quite a while in amazement that from October until February the only thing that kept that plant alive was the fact that I watered it regularly. I trimmed it back because I thought it did not like living in the house - what it needed was soil. Lesson learned - if something is not thriving - look at its roots to see if it is connected to the terra firma!
The whole time I heard my daughter tell of a friend that had a huge Bay Leaf Plant. I was feeling like a failure. What I failed to do was provide dirt for its toes!
I have my herb and garden order ready. Tomorrow I will do my small part in helping boost the economy...
I like random.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Other things on the needles and future thoughts

OK the color contrast is not as good as it could be - but the sleeve is progressing nicely. I am to the elbow which means I can knit down to the wrist without too many more decreases (see the plastic pins)

Next time I work on it for a while I will put it on a white towel before I start the photo process.

Yes the color is that rich. Like knitting with a large container of amber... oh luscious!

OK Off to meet the day...

I looked at the schedule and it may as well be Monday again because I have chosen to take some classes over the next two years and they start Saturday. I am excited about them and look forward to the process of learning Healing Touch Therapy. I think it will fall nicely into the work I do with Healing Prayer and my very obvious talent for nuturing things - socks, sweaters, plants, gardens, dust, laundry, mashed potatoes, bread, meatloaf, coffee - - you name it I can bring it along.

So have a great day... enjoy the journey... that is all I ask... enjoy the day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Socks and other matters

Hello! I did not fall off the planet when the calendar changed numbers.

I have been working on a sweater and these socks... Rainbow Socks - ready for the festivities tomorrow.

I supported Obama for president because I heard what I think is truth. The times ahead are not going to be easy but we will be OK. As a nation we have collective ingenuity and a very strong backbone. And if there is a generation that is soft - well we will exercise them enough to make them strong - giving service to others strengthens you - gives you purpose and creates community that helps to support each other.

We have what it takes and we appreciate the truth the first time out of the shoot - not after a federal investigation of the matter.

Tomorrow history will be made and I am glad to be living during this time for this purpose.


Off the soap box - on to frivial things... I have spent way too much time on Facebook!


Winter will end - my sister promised me!


breathe in and out in rotation - it is good for the heart!