Thursday, July 27, 2006

60 ton of gravel

60 tons of gravel is two HUGE mounds of gravel. Space wise it takes up 75% of the driveway that easily fits 6 cars and each pile was as tall as I am which is 5'4". That my friends is a lot of gravel.
Yesterday, Wednesday night, Jennifer and I helped John load the first 30 ton of gravel in the moat after a lovely pizza dinner ala Pizza Hut.
When you consider that the Bobcat dumped it against the far wall of the moat and we had to move it to the house side of the moat - you will know why Jenn felt like she had a really great upper body work out and why it took till the third dose of Advil to get feeling in my right arm.
Today, Felecia helped John fill the rest of the moat and load dirt into the moat - - so I can say for the most part the moat is gone and we are merly surrounded by dirt with two small piles of dirt left to spread around to regrade the front and the back of the house. The down spouts have not been connected yet but the sump is working. Too much settling of the soil to connect the underground lines.
One might consider this getting back to some form of normalcy. The fact that I can walk in and out of the frontdoor is almost as normal as can be. Knowing that any and all actions from this point forward are HUGE steps to conventional living I am thrilled.
The weather is certainly not playing well with others so there will be a few days where chasing raindrops will be the target goal and not so much the progression of the projects... Looking at the weather calendar - I say the next 10 days are iffy at best. Oh well - the mud is out there and we are in here... dry.
And so it goes... I have a beautiful deep orange-red rose that greets me in the morning - - - the cats are less anxious about coming and going and Em is at camp since Tuesday.
God is in her heaven and all is right with this small patch of earth!

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