Friday, July 28, 2006

A NEW TOY, some old news and a good idea


I have been looking at Dyson vacuums for about a year. They were way too expensive about a year ago - - in the 1000 range - - - but this summer they are half that and I had had enough of the Electrolux stopping because the bag was dusty. Hello you are a vacuum - you are suppose to collect dust.

Needless to say - after some so-so Chinese we went to HHGregg and I knew what I wanted and just bought it. They had the new swanky Electrolux there for sale - and John thought that it was hefty and more vacuum looking vs. the tinker toy look of the Dyson - - but he seldom if ever vacuums - - so what does he care. The cord is a full 36 feet long and the hose pulls out to vacuum all the stairs without hauling the canister up and down each step (I cannot count how many trips the canister of the Electrolux took down the stairs) and it really cleaned the carpet and vacuumed up the mud dust in the basement. Yahoo I am one happy camper. The website is and it even has a game to play or two. Way fun - plus I think they make a washing machine too - - - I love toys...

Old news - still getting some water in the basement. I have a complete understanding of what Job felt like. Really.

Good idea: Go outside and see the stars - they are beautiful.

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