Saturday, June 24, 2006

While I was away...

So I never leave the house to travel on my own - except last Saturday I went to The General Convention while the ASPer's were returning home.
I wanted to go to church with 10,000 other Anglicans. What was I thinking? A little panic attack ended that as they were thinking about gathering for Communion. I ducked out and had some coffee with Donna.
After that I went to a Tea with Barbara Crafton and company. It was majorly overbooked - but fun. Barbara is an Episcopal priest and author and has a great website The Geranium Farm. One of her speakers was Lane Denson and he is an author also and a great speaker. He too has a great website called The Covenant.
Needless to say I really do believe that there are many ways to think about God and what she wants us to do with our days. At any rate I have been having fun journaling while we construct and the kids (while I was away...) cooked up this great hunt for some wagon wheels that we acquired with the house that are definitely not my favorite. Part of my journaling has been taking pictures of all the commotion - which really helps me to deal with it (sort of) and some great Soy Indulgence Ice Cream (Zig Zag).
Here is the latest of the shed

OK so I snuck my honey in the photo too - like I said I am trying to have some fun while we go through the construction and I surely am having a ball - even caught some bees on the lavendar - but those photos would be really boring and not as cool as the shed.

Decisions decisions - knitting or finish the online course of the WindowsFrontPage 2003 and/or make luch for tomorrow and the Irish Fies in downtown NKY Convention Center - decisions decisions decisions.

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