Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life is not a Microwave

Some things take time.
Gardens take time to grow from seed to plant. Water, sunlight and care are needed to encourage the plants to grow.
Children take 9 months to mature from seed to child. You do not push a button and get the baby all developed in a few minutes of waiting.
Traffic lights take a few minutes to change colors. Yes, you will survive with waiting patiently. No, you cannot turn left on red if noone is coming when the light is red. No, you cannot ride up the turn lane for miles to avoid waiting in the long morning traffic.
It takes a few minutes to turn left on a Saturday Afternoon.
Healing takes time. Physical healing, spiritual healing, psychological healing all take time. Things have to level out. Bonds need to be invented again and made strong through exercise and patient waiting and rest. Healing, tenderly nurtured in the beginning will stand the test of time.
Love takes time to develop into a relationship. You do not go to and find the perfect person the first time - meet and marry in minutes. Love takes time. I do believe in love at first sight - but the relationship that stands the test of time and survives all the crazy curve balls that life throws - takes time and tender caring.
Cash registers take time.
Face it folks, life takes time. You have to wait for things. Just because you can go from ice cubes to boiling water in 3 minutes does not mean that every event under the sun can be performed at such a speed.
As a society we have become to expect everything will happen at microwave speeds.
Not so much.
I suggest that the planet take a universal sigh and cleanse that thought from their brains and learn to be just a little patient with the person ahead of them in traffic, grocery store, gas station, parking lot, drug store, golf course, and even on the street when walking the dog.
It all takes time and in the beginning and in the end - that is all we have - time.
Slowly stepping off the soap box and going to sleep - it is time for that!

Thursday, May 15, 2008



We have been attending a series on GRACE at church on Wednesday nights. The variety of ways that grace comes to you and can make you whole. I use my grace to do healing prayers during services at church. I found this gift one day when I was a little lost for reasons to attend church. Not had a problem attending since. You go to church - you get filled and renewed - and then you get sent out to use your serving of grace (which is immeasureable, really).

At any rate...

We were given and exercise to do for about 20 minutes. Read a Scripture passage and listen to what it says to you and pray with it... So I start, read the directions for the exercise through. Read the verse. Started to follow along... reading - then reading again - then the third instructed reading - I found these words:

Jesus stopped and ordered the man to be brought to him. When he came near, Jesus asked him,

"What do you want me to do for you?"

"Lord, I want to see," he replied. Luke 18:40-41

I cannot tell you how many times I have asked that question to people that we pray over. It was there sitting in the silence that I discovered a very sacred thing.

The healing happens when the person tells God what it is that He/She would have Him/Her do.

That one request from the broken to the divine heals the person, makes them whole.

They sit there as a child, asking the Father/Mother in response to the question:
"Dear Child of mine, what would you have me do for you today?"
And then we pray and if we stay out of the way, God hears the prayer, and the faith of a little child will help to heal them.
I have never seen physical healing on the spot. I have seen people turn over burdens and let God carry them because they are too hard to deal with alone. I have felt the heat and the warmth of the Spirit fill the room. There is an energy there that surpasses all other life experiences.
When you pray
Hear the words: What would you have me do for you?

Then tell the Lord the truth, be honest and sincere, and wait. The healing grace will arrive to make you whole...
One secret - the answers to your healing prayers are never what you expect.
They are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
times better.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


So I did:

Mom, I love you
Mom. I miss you
Mom, I sure could use a hug today

Mom, I love you
Mom, I miss you
Mom, We all could use your love down here today

Mom, I love you
Mom, I miss you
Mom, the world is in such a mess today
We sure could use some love down here
Please deliver some soon

Mom, I love you
Mom. I miss you
Mom, I sure could use a hug today
Mom, I tried as hard as I could to have a great life
Mom, I think you would be proud too
Mom, I am happy with my family and many remind me of you

Mom, I love you
Mom. I miss you
Mom, I sure could use a hug today

So this is the song I sang as I rode down the road. The lyrics continued as I beseeched her to help us fix the world we live in because I feel we have made such a big big mess... I asked her to visit some of the hurting places and heal their wounds from her chair in the heavens...

I did call on my Mom. It made me feel better just to sing her this crazy made up song and say the word again like I was calling her once more.


Friday, May 2, 2008


Since my last post which I think was about 12 days ago - it could have been a lifetime. Lot of life has passed over the road. I took apart the garden to one big flat square of soil. Many things moved to new homes and deer fence is going up soon.

My husband had some "procedures' done to assure his health. Come back in 5 years - so all of us over 50 know what he had done. He also heard my favorite Bingo call "B-9"

We have seen another great concert by Tom Rush who gave us the "Remember Song" and a great night of music. Tonight we heard Steve Chapin and John Wallace who played all the great songs of the Chapin band. Yes, even Taxi! They even sang one of our old favorites: Two Sleepy People ...

Then there is the basement project!

There was a day spent (could have been 1.5 hour activity, but you know how long home repairs really take) in the basement fixing the sagging upstairs floor. The pictures say everything. This project did not turn out exactly like we had researched, The floor did not budge, but obviously the double 2x4 did bend. And the pipe that we used beat the sawsall. It was not a great day for tools.

So we have this project on the further research list and it will get done eventually.

The washer got new dogs. The dog got another bath. The lawn got cut and the gardens are definitely taking great shape. The DH has been very busy. We have finished out turns as helpers at Sunday School and we are taking a Wednesday night class on Grace, Prayer and the Risen Lord! We are helping relocate hobby supplies from a life time collection of crafting.

There have been many once in a lifetime moments and I have loved them all.

Somewhere running around my head is a story about Mint Faith. Not ready for prime time.

There has been plenty of time spent watching the pundits. I am ready for the mud slinging to be finished now.

I have had some good very good conversations about what the heck is going on with my life. I think I have been in such a continuum of change that my life was spent riding the waves and surfing along. No big deal I have won the surfing contest for my age bracket. What you say? There was no contest? Sit down - it is my game and I made the rules and I won.

It is the beginning anticipating season of gardens. The seeds are under the grow light and it is getting more exciting every day.

Little knitting, some months are like that, yeah they are!

Do yourself a favor.
Live your life with all the colors in your crayon box.
Staying inside the lines is optional.
At the end of the day - give yourself an A+.
Hang the picture on the wall and tell yourself - good job - well done - bring on another day - I will be ready in 8 hours!