Monday, October 27, 2008


  1. "Please" and "Thank You" are the two most important words in the communication process.
  2. "Excuse me" and "Pardon me" are next.
  3. Keep your promises. Do what you say you are going to do. Make it important to be a person of your word.
  4. Rude is an example of your ignorance and lack of respect for the other person.
  5. Apologizing is essential to survival. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Just own them and learn and get on with life.
  6. Smoking is dumb, expensive and stinky. It affects everyone.
  7. Courteous behavior goes a long way.
  8. Appreciate what you have. One day you may find out that you have more than you ever imagined and wasted time complaining that it was not enough.
  9. Sing whenever possible. It can get you through the hardest of times.
  10. Stop the complaining. You may miss the most important minute of your day because you were grousing about the last ten minutes being not what you wanted them to be.
  11. Keep your things picked up and orderly. Live simply. Less is more.
  12. Never mind about what others have. They are not you and you are not they. You were made to be the individual that you are. One of a kind. Stay true to yourself. Always.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I want to thank all of you for your patience with me over the last month. I have never worked so hard for so long with so few hands in my life.
I appreciate all the support that the DH has given me unconditionally. He has walked the dog twice a day, cooked meals that I have missed, created recipes that we can eat, done laundry and been a peaceful presence in my everyday life.
This weekend I am going on retreat to hopefully clear the head.
The animals have not forgiven me for being away 24/7.
They are glued to my lap and side.
My new trick is knitting two socks at the same time - pictures soon.
My garden needs to be dug up and put away for the winter.
I am happy to be back among the living and have no desire ever to do another LARGE event for 1300 high maintenace people again.
I do have one funny aside. A friend uses silver colored plastic pieces all the time. I showed these to the ladies who were "planning the luncheon" and you would have thought I invented air. OY!UNREAL!
OK back to reality. Dyson the floors - cook - do laundry and switch the clothes for the warmer variety!
Love you all for your patience and keep the soldier in your prayers...
He left today for deployment.