Sunday, October 15, 2006

Slow and Steady will win the Race

You will see two steady things at play here. One is the start of the shoulders for Lori's sweater and the second is the soffit and facia are both complete on the holder of the tools of the trades.

This is making both workers feel good. He that in a few short days will be able to get an inspection and myself that the sweater is indeed started and I think will progress faster than the one I made myself. Learning curve is half the battle.

The rest of the outside day was spent taking apart planters and getting stuff together for the move into the holder of the trade container.

We cannot agree on a name. BASH, Basharn and a few others I cannot remember. So I will start calling it the holder of the trade tools. It will eventually settle in with its own identity.

I think the soup is hot in the microwave and I want a salad and some tea so I had best go and make these wants a reality...

What a beautiful blessed day outside. Thankyou Jesus.

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The Curmudgeon said...

Thank you so much for stopping off at my site and leaving a comment. I've had a lot of weeks where I thought every day surely must be Friday, too.