Monday, March 31, 2008

March socks of Araucania hand dyed yarn

I started with on skein of Araucania hand dyed yarn - I would tell you the color but the dog chewed the label - I used Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One pattern Veil of Leaves which produced these lovely textured socks:

I learned Cobblestone Cuff; Star toe and have almost mastered Judy’s Magic Cast-on.

The picture does not do the lace pattern justice but if you thought, I was going to ask anyone to model them – you are crazy – I loose socks that way!
My April socks may be short ones as time in the garden will be more important than anything.
Time to get the beauty rest Queen City Chess Tournament comes soon enough.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a little progress

There are strange acronyms in the knitting world!

  • TINKING is kniting backwards (repairing mistakes)

  • UFO's which are unfinished objects

  • WIP's which are works in progress

Now there is a fine line between UFO's and WIP's. I prefer to call items in that status ON HIATUS...

So there is this FLAK2 that I have been talking about bringing out of Hiatus. I did and the third start is the charm for sure.

I made a few changes to the pattern and I stayed with the changes so not they are part of the pattern and you may never even notice them. I remember how the cables flow - the timing of the twists and I remember how much like a river knitting cables really is - to me at least.

I love it - water is my favorite thing to be around - to play in - to swim in - to drink - just love water... and so my FLAK 2 is taking shape.

Here is the front section half way to completion before I begin the sleeve gussets...

Now I that I am about to start on skein three of the sweater I find myself counting the hours until I have an hour to work on the sweater... It really is compulsive at times...

The weekend is over... I am tired... I did some mandatory housework - laundry - vacuumed the front room - cleaned the bathtub - fed the birds and that was pretty much it... guess I had best get some other things done as there will be company coming for Easter!

SIGH less sweater time!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

It has been a week!

I went to the doctor for the inevitable weight and BP check. Good on the weight and bad on the BP - so there is a medicine roulette we will play for a while... no big deal just a season of life I am sure.

About two weeks ago as I was knitting I smelled what I could only describe as something burning. We did not discover anything smoldering so we let it go. The next day I went to do my daily ablutions and the light and vent fan did not work. I shrugged and proceeded with the day. I mentioned to the mister who said "OK, I will look at it."

Well the days went by and I would ask, "Did you look?"

Well the days went by and eventually I had asked enough that he did look and start to investigate. Yesterday the process resulted in a little dry wall eruption and today the picture says the rest. It is a 30 gallon trash can filled to the brim with the most obvious of reasons that the shower vent and light did not work. Electical spagetti! We find this quite often in this 1950's bungalow, whose occupants have done cowboy wiring, open splices and the such.

So now there is no ceiling in my bathroom at all. The vent hole opens to the outside and it is very chilly in there. So the mister and I will be sharing a bathroom for a while... We will see how this works as we have not shared a bathroom since the kids left the abode about 8 year ago and we have always had seperate grooming areas... which we still do, so stayed tune sports fans it may be the most interesting adventure we have had in a while.
Tonight I will post pictures of progress on FLAK 2!
Go hug and electircan!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


  1. Shovel snow
  2. Take a shower because you are wet and hot and cold
  3. Clean your Dyson Filter and Canister
  4. Get dog out from under your bed where he has chewed up two giant rolls of toilet paper
  5. Shovel snow
  6. Take a shower because you are wet and hot and cold
  7. Cook a roast
  8. Knit on FLAK2 sweater
  9. Shovel snow
  10. Take a shower because you are wet and hot and cold
  11. Knit
  12. Do Laundry
  13. Watch How-to TV and realize they are working in shirt sleeves and you have two sweatshirts on
  14. Watch all the Red-Winged Black birds at the feeders you just filled up because you know that they need the food.
  15. Laundry
  16. Dry sweaters because the heat is going to be on anyway
  17. Send pictures of snow to children
  18. Text message with your kids
  19. Be reminded at 10:15pm that it is Spring forward weekend and now it is 11:15pm just that fast
  20. I sure did enjoy my day of captivity!

Friday, March 7, 2008


There is a lot of talk about DO OVERS in Florida and Michigan.

I can understand but it worries me because the only time I ever want to DO OVER anything is when it is F*U*B*A*R. Now the thought that our election system is in that state really worries me.

Now why would I ponder DO OVERS? Because yesterday when I pulled out the FLAK 2 sweater I was working on I saw that I had completely run amuck on following the correct repititons of the patterns involved in the sweater. Now had this been an area under the arm, on the bottom edge, I may have fudged... but no it was front and center. So at 9pm I decided that this sweater deserved a DO OVER and I unraveled the yarn, the DH neatly balled it up for me, and alas here I am on my third attempt to Get'er done!

Rumor has it that the third time is the charm. Let us hope so!

OK then! The weather people have decided that 10 inches of snow would be a good idea. I bought two packages of chicken, Oreos, milk and some Ivory soap for dishes. Figured with that combo we could live for days...

Some emergency preparedness - I can hear my friend in Montana just shaking her head! I may need to borrow her rescue dog if we really get all those inches and it stays cold (giggle giggle giggle).

Off to the day. Have a good one - take a moment to thank the Lord for all your many blessings!