Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 21, 2006

It has been a day or 10 in a row. The time has been full lately. No dull moments. No uscheduled time. No time for tuna sandwiches and laughter. Plenty of laughter and plenty of results from diligent work. Travel, planning, thinking, working, dancing, practicing, memorizing, sewing, cooking, loving and being loved, listening and caring. All these activities have filled the days.
John and I agree we are happy this way - full of life - full of activity - we have no clue what boredom is or what it looks like. Like Lori in her one year program - we have kept our heads down and our eyes on the goal.
Here is the sweater that I knit with a few hundred others on line with instructor Janet Szabo who has family in Ohio, but resides in Montana. Tomorrow with any luck you will see pictures of the couches that John and I have upholstered.
Like I said - no dull moments in our life and I have kept my promise to John that I made so very long ago - he is not lonely anymore....
I will get a picture of the sweater on me another day, today I thought something should enjoy the recliner because it sure was not going to be me.
Sleep well my friends
Make plans to visit your God this weekend - she has an amazing story to tell you - one of love and acceptance right the way you are - you will never be the same after you hear the story


Janet Szabo said...

Fran, it turned out beautifully! I love the color. Thanks for the picture.

Vanessa said...

Very nice sweater. I can see the heatheriness of the green fiber you used. What yarn did you use?

Vanessa in Upstate NY

Where fibers meet mud said...

Vanessa, Thanks for the compliments.

I used Cascade 220 in a Chelean Green. It was hard to find as much as I needed in one dye lot - perseverance always wins the race!