Thursday, November 30, 2006

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No thanks having enough change in my life right now. Trying to remember what end of I-71 I am on is hard enough. There have been days that I have to purposefully decide what day it is - what city I am in and where I am going as I wake up in the morning... that my friend is way too much change for me.

At one time I had thought I wanted to do some extensive travelling - - well after this month as they say in Chicago and points North "Forget about it"

I like driving where I go. As hubby says - we can take our reality with us... So USA trips by car maybe - - short ones. Chicago was great - I love that city - Columbus - Cleveland - Logan - Newport News - North Carolina - Appalachian Mts.

These will have to be in a few years BECAUSE on January 2, 2006 I wrote down on a note card that "every day is allowed to be different" and the earth powers took me at my word. Each day has been different for sure.

I am writing for 2007 "everyday is allowed to be calm and routine" and see if the earth powers and I agree... I think that the statement that my daughter said after reading some letters I wrote home when I was first married is the truest summation of my life I have ever heard... "You have never had a dull moment, Have you?"

No dull moments....

So I am going to seek a few quiet moments with my daughters sweater, doing the front neck increases... for the first time...

Here is another picture of us at the Oirachtes in Chicago last weekend...