Sunday, September 24, 2006

Urban Legend and other miscellany thoughts...

It is an urban legend that only on the Equinox will and egg stand on end.

Rather harmless I would say of all the events and hoaxes out there - but a myth at best. BUSTED! Searched where all good facts are found...

My egg stood until sometime Sunday morning when it became compost.

34 Anniversary Cards - how fun is that! Overwhelming and little hand written notes in some. One made tears flow alot. He trusts me with his life... that was a startling statement... always something to learn each day...

Purchased the yarn for Lori's sweater... Gingery persimmon - great color! warm and toasty looking... 3 months to complete a sweater - might me a life time best! I am all about winning the race here.

Working to finish the Shepherd's Bush Shepherd Boy that I started in March 2000. I have only a few flowers and leaves to complete and beads to sew and it will be ready for the framers. I found that when I stopped eating artifical sweetners my vision improved and I can once again see to finish this rather detailed piece.

Life also derailed my finishing this project - plaster dust and cross stitch are not compatible. Neither is moving or mud! Life had been on the wild side for these last six years to say the least! I find that I need a central peace to stitch and if anyone knows me well - the waves have been wild and crazy since I started this piece... but I will finish the boy soon and he will hang next to the herb gathering girl a perfect pair.

Sing a song of prayer and rejoice for this is indeed the day the LORD has made.

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