Sunday, July 30, 2006


When I saw the cat assuming this position I decided that it had been a long time since I bathed my self in a 23rd Psalm activity. The psalmist who authored that story talked about a green pasture where one can lie down; a place that restores your soul; head annointed and instruction to fear no evil and a place that was safe from the enemy.
When we first bought the leather couches, which was way back when we did daily devotions, and that particular day had the 23rd psalm as the reading. After one nap in that wonderful leather couch - I nicknamed it the 23rd psalm couch and consider it one of the safest places to rest from the burdens of the world.
It was definitely a Sabbath kind of day.
I did cook a delightful meal for us - steak and green beans and pesto pasta.
We ventured to Borders Bookstore and I went to Meijer's for catfood and ice, ice baby!
The temperatures say 90 plus all week - thinking I will have to leave assuming the position to the cat as I have other things to do.... In my next life I want to come back as a well loved fat cat.
Peace and safety to you and yours...

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