Thursday, September 6, 2012


Been a while!

I have been going through metamorphosis in extreme measures.

I have finished my Healing Touch Practitioner program.  My papers are in for Certification.  My small business of Healing Touch is going better every day.  

I have wonderful moments that glisten with love.  

I am not the person I was when I started the program 5+ years ago and I am not the same person that posted the last time.

I have changed.

How you ask?  
1. Clarity of thought and direction
2. Voice is clear and able to speak my thoughts
3. Focus on what is important
4. Awareness of a bigger brighter world
5. Blessed in a million ways 

Now what is my next step?  Regain the dedication to my own personal health.  I am not unhealthy now but I am not happy with my stature!  That will take some renewed dedication!  

The fiber of the world is going to mix it up on the mud of the earth.  We will see how far I  go to get back to a more reasonable stature and healthier life style only by increasing my activity!  

On the road again!