Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday is just a word

Been on this plan for a while now....
Looked at the exercise today....
Said - what the heck! Go ahead and give it a try....
100 is just a number!
But when you accomplish 100 Dumbell Rows and 100 weighted step ups...
Well you feel - hot and sweaty and exhausted but accomplished...
No matter what happens from here today I know where I started and what I accomplished before 8 am!
Monday is just a word!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday visits are fun

I love a surprise.

I had a planned practice session with my daughter today. Always nice to have a good client practice session with a good sense of humor thrown in there for comfort. I need to practice my Healing Touch technique and get the questions to a comfortable point and the listening peaked.

So I get people I know to lay still and I lay my hands on them and practice my gift. Works for me. I learn more each time I do this and I can see a pattern developing that I can continue along in comfort, naturally.

Back to the surprise. I got a phone call asking me to teach a friend and her friend how to knit Socks! How much fun is that going to be. I need the practice teaching (period) and what better way to teach sock knitting to teachers. This will be a fun experience. Win - win all around.

So many new doors openning and I just need to go on through them... interesting.

So there are no pictures today. Monday is suppose to be dry and sunny. This will be great for pictures... Lots of pictures... promise.

Maybe even the two turtles will be available for this photo shoot!

OK. Now all the emails I have ignored all day. A small meditation and then to bed...

Each day I learn to Let Go and Let God...

Sweet Dreams to you all.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I know that time goes by in 24 hour intervals. I just stop sometimes and gasp at how fast they fly by and at times how painfully slow the minutes trudge along.
This has been a very good half summer.
I have read each day which was my resolution in January!
I have the garden as full as I want it. Room to walk between the plants and sit down if I so choose. The tomatoe plants are doing well but they would like night time temps about 70 degrees or more I am sure. The pepper plants are doing OK and the cucumber plant has been the star pupil already giving us two long cukes! I also have two turtles which surprised me a lot! Because I thought I only had one!
Today I planted in the garden three pots of starter basil plants, one Italian, One Thai, and one Kapro. Two will be for food and the third will be for tea. I have two jars of tea herbs almost full already! I have used the chipped wood from our yard for mulch in the herb section and it makes it look so quaint. It is just hiding clay mud but that is OK. The plants may disagree! Oh well! I used the grass that Fele pulled as mulch in another spot and have a few other mulch experiments going.
Still need to plant the fig tree!
Because this has been a coolish summer for the most part, we have been able to keep the windows open and the AC off. This is a help. Besides I do not feel like a prisoner in my own house with the windows open!
I have seem some amazing growth in my children over the last 6 months. The kind that makes your heart swell. I have seen some moments when slow and steady have paid off enormously. There is still some pain in their lives but for the most part they have made peace with it and accept it as part of the day.
I had a conversation with some new people last week and it was most refreshing. They actually paid attention to me and our conversation instead of ducking out to chat on a cell phone. It actually amazes me that I became accustomed to such rude behavior.
How open are my eyes now.
OK, One daughter requested photos of the garden. The rain stalled that process. Tomorrow.
I am going to practice my gift tomorrow. My intent will be to be focused on love. Unconditional love.
Sunday beckons.
One more circle of knitting and I will be on to the pattern of the sock!
Photos indeed!
Keeping a good thought that my friend who is visiting with her husband that returned from Iraq on Saturday is doing well! Got to be hard. Like a first date and honeymoon all at the same time. Peace to them I send.