Saturday, June 10, 2006

Indy Feis Packing Mission Trip

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

Today, Jennifer, Felecia, Emily and I travelled to Indianapolis to an Irish Feis. Early morning start and not much coffee - we drove straight through. Two hours shaved by minutes.

Through the modern air waves we talked to Becky, on her way to Syracuse and points North. Rain and unfamiliar roads cut that conversation short.

The dancing was grand and it is good just to see the girls have the confidence to dance in such an arena. Medals and ribbons, Starbucks Coffee and Olive Garden were the highlights.

John stayed home and packed for his week long mission trip to Grundy, VA with Appalachia Service Project. He and I have been doing this either together or seperately since 1988. This year he takes his oldest Granddaughter with him - truly a memorable time will be had by all. The worksite this year is located just this side of heaven if you have ever seen the mountains through the tri-state area of KY, VA, WV - truly one of God's better pieces of work. He and Felecia will be there all week.

John also cleaned up the back yard of all the tools and made templates for his rafters. Rain slowed him down a bit (the Lake will be back again if this keeps up) plus the last minute trips to Meijer to get the last of the list of needs for ASP took some time. Currently he is enjoying a good rest in bed - next week it is air mattress and several hundred people in a gym.

Daughter Lori will be home on Wednesday to keep Emily, Jennifer and I company. She is on break from Nursing School at Rush University (Jenn and I wore our Rush tshirts today to bring Lori along to the Feis) and it will be great to have her home. Lori, Jenn, Emily and I are not the usual group that hangs out - the sisters usually hang together with the nieces - so this will be fun! Trips to parks and Art Museums are planned. Baking cookies and making some meals. Sewing some pillows and just chilling will be fun.

Knitting today at the Feis was not very successful. I was laddering down to fix a miss crossed cable and the second time I did it wrong again, it went back in the bag. Tomorrow.

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

Happy Sabbath to you.

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