Monday, August 27, 2007


It is common time. The last leg of the journey that lasted one year is finished. The legs of the journey that lasted the 5 years previous have settled in and life is common. It is ordinary again. It is what I have been searching for since that day it all changed… How could it have changed so much and yet stayed the same?

It was like we were sailing in the ocean and a large gust of wind took us off course. The whole time we traveled we could see the right path, we were not in harms way, but the sailing path was not calm, not flat, not settled into any form of current that would allow for some rhythm to pulse through each day, each set of days, each set of weeks, months or years. And yet we survived and thrived and loved abundantly.

The days were full of newness. The learning was extremely intense. There were structures to build and angles to correct. Land had to rise above the water and water to dig below the ground. The windows were exciting to install and crosses marked the panes. People came and went through our lives. Friends were made and lost in the journey. Mostly happy conversations were held and mostly good humor was kept. In he end the change made life different and yet so much the same that you were not sure you blinked an eye.

I cannot say that tears were not a part of the journey. There were plenty of tears to keep the dirt and grime from the eyes, to clear the pain from the heart, to water the dreams that needed to stay alive. We shifted seats at the great table of life. Our parents are all resting in the arms of the Lord. I can feel them about on some days and I can hear their glee at some of the events that have taken place since the chairs have shifted. I have mourned the loss of gardens and flowers and I have cried at the beauty in a new blossom that I have never seen. The tears were an imporant part of the journey... as was the silence.

Some things are more important than ever and others not so much. Loving is important. Being kind and understanding to all that you encounter. Enabling is not so important any more. We each need to develop the skills necessary to traverse our own ocean. Thinking is critical and making the right choices is more important than before.

Working each day is important and for once the focus of the day’s activity makes a difference to me. I am not sure that I am using what I have 100% of the time. I am not sure the waters are calm enough in the 9-5. I am not certain at all, but I know I have the skills to survive and thrive because at the end of the day I can tell I have done what is right and good. Most days I am happy where I am and yet there is that little niggle of wanting something different in the 9-5. I will listen and I will talk and explore at the right time to see what the universe has in store for me. Right now I feel I am in the right sector of the sea. Most days!

So let the common time begin in earnest. The walking of dogs; the cooking of food; the finishing of the garden; the starting of the next season; the adventures of watching all the birds in the nest fly on their own and the love that knows no bounds continue. Let the commonest of times begin. I am ready for the ordinary part of life. It will prepare me for the next leg of the journey.

Slowly I will traverse these common days. Enjoying each moment immensely.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Not much to say

  • HOT
  • dry
  • storms in the North of Ohio
  • drought in the South of Ohio
  • time for seasons to change


How crazy is all that? Floods in some areas of Wyoming and Forest Fires in Montana.

Sets a person to thinking about events in a book called REVELATION...

My Dad referenced it on September 11th. His comment has set in my heart all this time.


Thinking about joining a Sock KAL... I have a few days to decide.


I am going to take apart all the pots on the decks and in the front - too hard to keep alive in this 100 degree heat...


Off for a few days to finish up the details...


I had a more concrete blog in my head - but my heart does not want to share it now!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gardening, litter boxes and Jackson

Yesterday we installed the rope to the backyard so I could garden.
That was fine and dandy for me.
20 minutes in this heat was good for us both.

Today in the cooler morning I thought maybe 30 minutes - water bowl and coolness I thought were enough - we had already been on a walk. I turn my back 5 minutes and I find a small puppy size hole in the lawn. I go into the house on my hands and knees to gather some toys for the dog... much better! Harvest some Swiss Chard, set the sprinkler and we are finished. He does his business and we head in... Note to self: Always toys for the boy!

Like most dogs he loves the litter box and tissues!

I have tired him out and I hear foot steps upstairs - so now I can put him on the other side of the gate (remember gates when you had small children) and I can shower and do some laundry... DH and puppy are both ready for a nap I am sure...
On to Sabbath time...


Meet Jackson

Jackson loves to cuddle

Jackson loves his squeaky toy from Rob and Donna

Moose is not interested in anything that has to do with dog

Achia the queen of aloof

At his masters feet - can you say small dog!


Today as I cleaned the refrigerator I was thinking how it was that every two weeks I went to the store and did GROCERY SHOPPING. Then it was time to clean the refrigerator of all the leftovers that accumulated over time. Since moving here I shop pretty much everyday. I love my vegetables and meat fresh bought.

That makes the cleaning process not so often. I must admit that my daughter who lives closeby is my inspiration here - whenever you visit and go to get a drink of cold water - the regrigerator is so clean it shines. Well today mine does too - thanks for helping me be better and more like my original self that moved here over 6 years ago. It sure has been one heck of a trip these last 6 years. I want to think I am a better person for every step I have taken.

Oh and incase anyone asks there are two blue lines on a hockey field and the 4 corners of a boxing ring are named: red, blue and two are called neutral - - BATTLE OF THE SEXES questions!


More thoughts on another day




Wednesday, August 1, 2007


the deer did not get everything

chamomile blossoms for tea


band socks started

and verbena

This morning, as the sky was getting light, I became acutely aware of all the change that has happened in the last 6 months.

Acutely aware of the feeling of wanting to crawl in a cave and let the worlds daily activity spin by for a few days.

It seems like years since January 31, 2007 but it has only been 6 months.

Makes a person set to thinking… the changes and chances of the world and the changelessness of God’s love….
Meditation of Thanksgiving
I offer thanksgiving for all this change... the change that has occured has been straight and direct... no dawdling... life ends... opportunities come and we advance... relocation occurs... things change... and it has been done with a fair amount of swiftness - no lingering or deciding about what side of the fence to stand on... getting on with things... THANK YOU LORD.
I believe with all my heart that God knew that if change were to actually occur that would make us each stronger and better people - it had best be done swiftly... I was not given time to whether to join in the change or to fight the change - - - not so much - - just get up that day and love and live fully that day and all else was taken care of for me... there was no anger or fighting back - - - just give in and get along little one get along.... THANK YOU LORD FOR THE PATH.
without the anger I see pretty flowers and gorgeous sunrises
without anger I do not cry as if in an outrage
I can see and hear and taste
indeed Life is Good