Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day the Lord has made

In comparison to the the last couple of weeks - today was a blast. I really like my house filled with people and laughter.

We all gathered to share an Easter meal.

All the children home and giggling and chatting and having a great time.

Just that fast they were all headed back in their own direction. Back to their own nest.

Funny how thin the line of transition.

One minute eight around the table and in a blink; two in recliners resting...

Life is like that - a fine line between the changes and chances of life - how fast we transition between what floats our boat. How fast we turn our gaze to the new passion in our life. How fast the changes and chances of life happen. I think that is a good thing. Un-attaching from the last entanglement may take a while - but once you steady your gaze on the new horizon I find people to be perfectly happy with their new adventures.

Changed your path lately?

Changed your gaze on the world?

Are you starting something exciting?

Are you becoming someone you like better?

Making new friends?

Finding a deepening of your love?

Wanting more peace and serenity?

There is a song from West Side Story that tells us that it is just around the corner. Time to start walking...

Love - peace - joy can be yours...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am thank-filled.
Thank-filled with awe.
Thank-filled with the people who have sat with me and whispered prayers for me when I had no words.
While the human connection, not seen with the eyes, is certainly felt with the heart.
Thank-filled that my eyes are aware of these miracles, angels and saints.
LESSON LEARNED: Storms clear your vision.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It was Saturday night and I was

One week ago I am sure I was online on Saturday night because I remember going to bed at 11:37pm.

I did a good job of sleeping until 3:30am when my husband jumped put of bed, stumbled to the bathroom, and banged his way back to bed - panting and struggling to breathe the whole time. He went in the bathroom to get his robe and I thought he was just going to sleep in the chair in the front room... Well the lights went on and I knew this was not just a position change - he was severely struggling for breath... tried the hot tub to see if he could relax and relieve the pain - not so much.

We got on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and shoes. I got on some jeans and a fleece and then I did one stupid thing... we got in the car... I had to decide if I wanted SR32 to the east or I-275. I chose the direct I-275 route... not a big a chance of deer and no stop signs. Doing 90 mph my husband is trying to find a space in the car where he could expand his lungs to get air. I am so scared I crank the heat and he opens the window. I was so afraid that he was going to open the door... Dumb thing to do - drive a sick person to the hospital...

Pneumonia was the diagnosis and we got admitted to the hospital – general floor. Monday was a blur. They did x-rays and ultrasounds. About 1:30pm there was a CT and about 3pm there was surgery... Thank God for doctors who know great things about the body. Obviously the pneumonia had been there for two weeks – with no cough or even a cold.

Surgery went fine. In ICU for comfort - discharged to a regular room because he was doing so well on Monday – that stopped on Tuesday and we were back in ICU. It was a little sketchy there for a few hours but overall things have been going well ever since Tuesday.

We had a few rough patches - a few moments of climbing the mountain that was harder than most - a few tears - but the miracle is that I felt all the prayers that were coming our way.

Grandchildren did not argue. My daughters were comforting. Texting was a blessing. Each word - each sigh - each thought felt warm and wrapped me in protection from doubt, fear and panic. I am most grateful for all the people who lifted their hearts and minds to the heaven above. I am not fussy which higher power you choose to pray to - our whole family felt just the fact that you chose to do that small gesture.

I called my Healing Touch Therapist to assist with the healing process. Wednesday and Thursday night, John had HT therapy and it made all the difference in his process. I was able to supplement on Friday and Saturday nights what was started on Wednesday and Thursday nights. John feels relaxed afterward and has a new appreciation for what I am studying.

Today John walked with the assist of a walker - up and down the halls - even doing a few jumping jacks and a few loops with the walker... The nurse roared. We got rid of the IV pole. No Bi-Pap. No BP cuff on continuous cycle.

He wants to sleep tonight. He was on his side trying to curl up and get comfortable. I hope he was successful because he will be a new person with 8 hours behind him. He wants his normal Sunday Sabbath - as many naps as we can fit into one day...

So it is Saturday night again... I am seeking boring and normal. I want chicken and broccoli with rice. I want Ice Tea and dogs to walk. I know that when John comes home things will be different for a while and normal and boring will take on a new feel. But I will seek normal with all my heart.

You just never know how fast your life can change when it is Saturday night and you are on the computer until 11:30 pm...