Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digging in day - a WOO HOO day!

Today it was suppose to rain - but who ever believes the weather people. Noone predicted this either!

While driving to the cat sitting location - I needed sunglasses and thought to myself - this is some odd kind of rain!

So I started the day with a cardio workout because I decided that the medication (that the doctor and I do not agree upon) was making me way to lazy and I did not take it last night - guess what - I could actually do almost 30 minutes of cardio - quick shower - swallowed my cereal and medicine and off to get the nails done - Who Do VooDoo - is a great shade for me.

Now this presents a problem - you sure do not want to do yard work with a fresh manicure - so we went to the bookstore - where I needed the sunglasses for the travel once again.

Peanut Butter and Jelly - all time favorite lunch - and I cleaned the hot tub and refilled it. All of a sudden I heard the Rototiller - - - woo hoo! And I checked the mail - woo hoo! Seeds all kinds of seeds!

So sport fans - it is gardening season for sure... now to be patient enough for the soil to warm and the earth to be properly worked and relocated and mixed with amendments - I promise to try and be patient as I can be. But it does not count if you grow things under the lights in the basement now does it?

I am suppose to be doing laundry and folding clothes - sigh - maybe just one load and then to knit - I am almost to the sleeve island border - - - woo hoo again!

It surely is a woo hoo day!