Monday, September 4, 2006

Labor Day or We are always giving birth to something at my house

New patio space with a new garden along the drive way. I wanted a garden along that driveway since the day we moved in here and throughout this project it came to reality.

John and I have chatted about how you have to break an egg to make an omlette and the concept of loosing or giving away something or your talents but always gaining something even better in return. I guess if there ever was a picture to explain that concept this whole page of pictures is just that. Luke 6:35 (I think) talks about blessings overflowing in you lap... this is what this looks like in my head - blessing overflowing in my lap.

Then there is the wet dog story. Casey is allergic to summer in Cincinnati and had a severe attack early this week. There were the ususal comments about his weight and then the doctor took the flea comb and John got the dirty dog comments on top of the weight comments and the reason he went to the vet anyway.... needless to say the dog bath got lifted to the top of the pile today

Here is a view from the driveway. Looks tremendous if you ask me. If you go back and see the piles of dirt earlier in the summer and then look today - you can see the miracle.

Yep always some form of birthing going on here. Thanks Sharon for giving me that image. I can use it well over the next few months.

So friends - rest from your labors so you can enjoy what you have accomplished. The family is gathering for meatloaf and potatoe salad and kale and chocolate cake. Tomorrow Lori comes home for the week and John and her will "whip" the shed into shape - - so more birthing ahead.

It is only 11 am and I have done a ton of stuff - so after the shower I will make meatloaf and clean the kale and then knit until 3 or so and then just pop the meatloaf in the oven and toss a salad and wait for the family to arrive. Woo Hoo let the rest and enjoyment of our labors sustain us through the days and weeks ahead.

We who birthed this project should be proud of our accomplishments. Like all birthing processes we were not in this alone. John, Chris, Paul, Jenn, Becky, Felecia, Emily you can rest in knowing your prints are all over this project and that makes it shine even more than any other we have ever done. By the end Lori will have imprinted her love on it and it will be completely our own.

Rest in the love of the Lord - she cuddles real good.

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yorlor said... of the sweater within six inches of completion....

the patio looks aces!!