Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Turtle, toad and robin visit the garden

Another muddy night in the GARDEN - YEAH!

If I could drive past the garden store and not stop and check what was on sale and get just one more thing - I would have people asking me if I was OK?

Tonight I got a bale of hay, a few herbs to finish the must haves, a few geraniums and of course the Coyote Urine.
I started after dinner by pulling the tray from beneath the bench on the frontporch. Something wiggled and I knew it was not a worm. I looked closer and it was a toad about 2 inches in diameter just hanging out in the potted plants. Probably because they get watered everyday.

So I carried it back to the garden and he plopped down into the dirt. I saw him later but he had turned a browner color to match the dirt - clever little animal.

Then as I was searching for the right place to plant some dill and some fennel I saw a huge turtle.

I am not sure but I think this is the same turtle from last year only a year older. He came and went as I mulched everything. As I was looking to see how the sprinkler was working I saw him headed back into the garden. Wonder if it s a she and looking for a nesting place for a few eggs. Better research that soon and find out what they like to eat. Turtle may be going on a field trip to the creek bed... Unless they like mosquitos!

I also have one sage plant blooming.

I would have taken a picture of the roses blooming but I ran out of battery.
Today someone was driving a little too fast and hit our mailbox. The dear Husband has a new one already installed. The woman said it was sleep deprivation - might have been cell phone attention deficit. Oh well - mailboxes are an easy fix - considering other accidents I have heard about.
The hot shower is calling my name. Tomorrow is the annual mammogram. If you have not had your annual mammogram - stop what you are doing - go and get the phone number of your facility and write it down - now decide what time you are calling them and get the exam set up. You deserve healthy breasts and a regular exam ensures this - start between the ages of 35 to 40 and do them regularly. Please and thank you.
I have a friend who is in the hospital for some health issues. She is collecting prayers. God will know her name. She has a son graduating from Marine Corp Boot Camp on Friday. She will not be there because she is in the hospital. Like I said she is collecting prayers... Offer one to God for her - I sure would appreciate that. I have known her for 40 years, she is my best friend.
Peace to you this night and all nights.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have no clue how it happens.
I start out with the intentions of only looking, then it is trimming the flower heads, which turns into filling a few pots and emptying a few plant trays and then there is the watering and all of a sudden each plant is only two shades of grey - light and dark.
The moon is out and the frogs are chirping not the birds.
What happens and when I do not know. At what exact moment does dusk become night?
I wonder these things a lot in the summer. In the winter - who cares - I am already inside and it does not matter too much to my play time.
Indeed I played tonight.
First I went to the 4th grade promotion ceremony at the elementary school.
There is something special about a 4th grade year that if successful can really send your life in the right direction.
From all apparent displays - the year was successful and the students are truly hard workers who love to learn.
I had a few plants to distribute about the yard.
So, while I talked to my friend who is in the hospital with a drain in her side in Lake County, I planted them.
I learned over the years to cluster plants in groupings of odd numbers.
Three of one kind and two of another in similar hues makes for an interesting garden spot.
Little islands of color is what I am going for this year.
I had other plans last winter - they are in a holding pattern - I like the plan as it is going this year and will stick to it for a few years.
Plain and simple to the left - islands of color to the right. Great plan and everyone is happy.
OK tonight I did not drink any drinks with caffiene for supper.
No Chinese tea.
I plan on sleeping for a few hours in a row tonight.
Last night I saw 11:15 pm when I started sleeping and then it was 12:22 am, 1:44 am, 3:22 am and 5:52 am.
Each time I just rolled over and acknowledged that I was going to be a bit sleepy Tuesday.
Not so bad.
I guess I am accustomed to being sleep deprived.
We also turned on the air conditioner because the house was muggy last night and the bedroom was also muggy.
Not for happy making.
Tonight cooler bedroom should make for good sleeping.
Sleeping has never been my strong suit.
Tomorrow is Wednesday already - that calls for a big WOO HOO!
Tomorrow night I will play in the garden of herbs and vegetables.
Plant a few more.
Plant some seeds about the edges and just see where I am with the whole garden plan...
Plants will be on sale soon - Tarragon is on the list of things to find on sale.
Sweet Dreams to each and every dreamer out there. Focus on your dreams and make them come true. No sense having dreams unless you work on their completion.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


You know what you do on a Sunday Sabbath

We ate, read, napped, splashed, soaked and did nothing. It was THE best Sabbath I have had since 2001. All the things that have had to be done - all the events that had to be held - all the life cycles have been crossed - we are at a point where we can choose and pick what is mandatory and we can rest in between.
Personally I am exhausted.
There is a certain energy that comes with emergent events.
I spent all that energy. GONE! as one of my former bosses had a habit of saying.
Now is just time to live. To celebrate life and the choices that are ahead. Not to react but to act. Not to burn bridges but to build them. In the liturgical season I love the common time. If I had to label this period in my life - I would call it the common time.
I indeed did start the two circular needle knitting socks. I am probably 4 rows along. Tomorrow after a few more rows I will gather some time and take pictures.
ON A MUD NOTE: I also started some weeding that is really badly needed. Pulling weeds in clay soil that has never seen an ounce of organic matter is HARD. Tomorrow the Mister and I are searching some of the piles we have accumulated over the years for some organic matter for the front yard. Possibly more pictures...
We will have to see what NOTHING looks like tomorrow... it is a holiday... a second Sabbath. PRAISE GOD, She knows what I need - another day to play.
I love to play especially outside!
Take the day off - tell your boss I said it was OK!


Sunday - not so many words - just pictures

Started this sock in February and finished it in May. There is a lot of therapy here. I just do not knit - I pray as I knit. This sock, if it could talk, would have some pretty interesting stories to tell. Alas, it cannot not. I have another plan for sock two. Knitting on two circular needles made of metal and hopefully I will not break them as I knit. I went through 5 bamboo needles as I make this one sock!

A little food for the Hummingbird that does visit us! We saw two on Friday eating at the plants on the deck!

Potted geraniums - all good decks have at least one pot of geraniums! I will have more as they go on sale soon!

Spares - just in case! Always need plan B!

I have some great joys and some great sorrows to think about

So you can see I am...

Off to Church!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deer today, gone tomorrow

I love spring and summer
I love to get up in the morning and go outside with my faithful cup of coffee and walk about the garden
Today I found lovely sticks where the tomatoe plants and pepper plants of yesterday had been.
Deer were here!
It was interesting that they lasted 48 hours before being found... humph!

I was in for a battle. Husband and I researched "ZOODOO" which I discovered is no longer sold by the local Zoo - so the next best thing was - Deer Scram - which I did find at the local garden store and another dozen tomatoe plants and a few other things (of course) for the front and side gardens and a few herbs. Then I spotted Coyote Urine and bought some of that also.

I replanted the tomatoes and the other dozen seedlings I had in waiting. I then made 8 little cups with rolled old towel pieces in them and filled each cup with a Casey "present" and poured the Coyote urine on the pile. I neatly placed them in circles of stone - like on little altars - and said a few deer blessings and felt good about everything. For good measure I did sprinkle the Deer Scram around the border too! In for a penny in for a pound the Husband suggested!

We will see what we will see.

I have about 8 more plants. I also have two earth boxes which may well be the way to have my tomatoes and eat them too!

There was a purple flower in the middle of the garden I was about to identify with the book I uncovered from the pile last night -OH humph!

Once upon a time I use to fence in the garden with the green poles and fencing. I am not sure I want to look at that. The fencing was fun to grow beans and morning glories on! I am not thinking I want to look at all that fence!
Here the garden is easily 20 by 20 - should be plenty for all to eat - I would share if they left me anything to share!

Sleep beckons. Day is done. Deer are in their glory and I hope they smell the coyote scent and decide to leave my yard alone! I did not protect the dozen roses or the 8 day lilies in the front or the hostas! I am a virtual snack bar for deer! I should just open a deer snack bar and charge admission!

Tomorrow is another day. Be happy. Enjoy what you do. Enjoy who you are with. Keep the smile - it still makes people wonder what you are up to!

I bought some toys today. Fun silly toys that make you laugh... so ready for a long weekend!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Time to see the garden

We have a garden
Tomatoe plants

Red Marconi Pepper plants

... and lots of space that is just frought with potential

there are sunflowers, swiss chard, squash, watermelon, chamomile, rosemary, thyme, lavender, holly hocks, mints, hyssop, lemon balm, wormwood, and a bed of lettuce

You must use your imagination today because the above mentioned are hiding in the soil.

I water in the morning and then inspect in the evening. Tonight I closed down a compost bin that has been doing its thing for a year and the soil from the bin is rich black soil and ready for the potted geraniums that will arrive to the deck this weekend.

So much to do and so little time. Today Oldest granddaughter and I went shopping for the 8th grade graduation dance party dress. That brought back memories. Sitting and waiting outside the dressing room. Wow was it really 14 years ago that my youngest finished 8th grade? It was a successful event. Tomorrow underpinnings and Wednesday shoes and all will be well in the world.

In one of my travels I read that a day being sad is a wasted day because you can never fill it with happiness - you can never reclaim the hours spent either angry or sad and fill them with happiness and joy. That thought leads me to saying I am sorry and I apologize a lot sooner than I use to. I wasted many years in anger and sadness. No more I say no more. No time for that any more. I may be quiet and pensive but I am choosing to be a happier person and more content as each day passes.

Be well - treat each other with kindness and respect. Be the person you hope to become a little each day and see what happens. Keep trying new things. Keep believing in yourself. Think things through and see what could be the result and live and act accordingly. Be nice to each other and yourself. Smile a lot because it makes people wonder what you have been up to lately.


Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today, the plants finally got to feel what it was like to be in real earth.
Today they all went inground to begin the life of a plant. Seeds and sprouts, plants and cuttings all on the journey now. Seeds need to crack the shell to burst forth. The cuttings need to grow some roots. The plants just need to get going.
We are like these plants.
Young teen children remind me of seeds because beneath that exterior shell is pure goodness.
Young adults remind me of cuttings because they are so ready to make their place in the world.
Mature adults remind me of plants because if we stop too long we stop too long!
So the basement is empty and that is bittersweet. It was fun to watch them grow and sprout and now they are on their own, how realistic is that?
Sunday cometh again.
Take some time and sit and be silent.
Here that still small voice inside and listen to what it says.
Know that you are loved.
Know that God thinks you are the best thing since night baseball or sliced bread (take your pick they are both pretty great) and tell someone else that God loves them too!
Tomorrow pictures of gardens and socks, promise!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wonderings and Small Miracles

Every day I drive a stretch of Highway that states 'ROUGH ROAD AHEAD' and I chuckle to myself and merrily drive down that road.
I wonder if LIFE had that sign would we turn around and go another path?
I wonder if LIFE had that sign would people be stronger or weaker?
I wonder if LIFE had that sign would people make better choices?
Funny how a road sign can make you think.


I have been having 'puter problems. Among other things that are going on around here it was not high on the priority list... DH said - just uninstall .... and reinstall .... well that sentence sat in the lap for a few days while I wrapped my courage around it.... (read above note about another path). So last night I just decided at 10:30 pm to be as brave as can be and just did what he said.

Voila! Back in blogging business! Now to get caught up with life, liberty and the pursuit of planting and finishing up the small details of life!


A friend moved back into town - fun to have old friends around.


Plants still being patient. The garden is all rototilled and now the weather and I need to meet in the middle!

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Listen, Spring is dearly upon us. Can you hear the tree frogs at night? Can you see the spring stars?
Listen can you hear the small still voice inside telling you that you can do what you dream?

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. (Message from calendar)


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The Mud Man and I are going to convene in the garden this weekend (I hope we can).
When all was said and done there was a large pile of dirt from all the excavation. It is patiently waiting. In the way back are compost bins that need attention. They are patiently waiting. In the basement you see what is patiently waiting and the over flow is out on the deck now that the party is over.
When the trees came down about two years ago the men ground down the stumps and in sheer desperation when all the destruction started I transplanted in that area. The soil is mostly fiberous roots and some clay. Not really great for plants.
I have lost more than I kept in these last two years.
So when the convention starts I am going to temporarily relocate all the living plants to a "safe" place and the Mud Man will get a roto tiller and roto away at the soil that is extra and the fiberous roots too.
It is his hope that we can get them all to one level and well mixed up.
Then the patient tomatoe plants, the patient peppers and some herbs can take the new location over for their reward for being patient.
I am going to somehow block off an area for mints. I have some sunflower seeds to plant because they make me happy. I have all kinds of things to plant. The area will probably be as big as the deck.
I bet I fill it all. I have been patiently waiting afterall.
Pictures of all the fun will come after the weekend. The rest of the week will be spent finishing up the promise of the dove kite order....

Monday, May 7, 2007

Angels Clowns and a Dove Kite

the pictures speak for themselves
the new patterns for the dove kites work splendidly
cutting time for 24 is now two hours instead of 3
woo hoo
day done
tea gone
sun set
brain seeking sleep


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Star Ship Enterprise is Christened 050507

Hurray! Woo Hoo! Alelluia! Wee Hee! Cheers! Laughter! Smiles! Lots of food and good times.

Indeed the deck was christened. Everyone that calls this home was here. Three daughters, two granddaughters, 1 son-in-law and several friends came and wished us well. Finishing the deck was like putting a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. Done.

I may have mentioned the only thing constant in the last 6 or so years has been change. Tonight the DH said "Looks like the deck has always been there." In our minds and in our hearts it was there. We Knew we wanted it - we had ideas on how it was going to look. We were aware that was the perfect berry that we sought after. But just like everything else in life - it is was a process - and because we are who we are - nothing is ever simple or straight forward. Who'd a thought that a septic tank not correctly decommissioned would have caused us this much trouble and cause such an adventure.

I often comment about some of my adventures that are so very crazy - you could not write stories that are this crazy because noone would believe what you said as either fact or fiction.

Did I mention that in addition to the large star on the barn - DH and accomplices went and bought smaller stars and installed them while I was away at a Formal Tea? Ergo the name: StarShip Enterprise! It is splendid indeed! And the small accent Star Lights I bought while we were still in mud land are hanging so cute and romantic while in the hottub! And there are 5 stars on each post - one for each woman that assisted the DH in building the deck! One man, 5 women and about a year! Woo Hoo we are done!
I planted some plants in small transitional pots. I had about a dozen glasses of water and sat outside and drank them slowly while sitting on the deck! All in all it was a great day!

All are safe in their own little nests - the long day is done.
Soccer game won! Safe trip back to ChiTown!

Have a good week. Play some. Think some. Read some. Do a hobby. Spend time outside in the sun and then again under the stars. Reflect. Sit quietly and listen to what the the Lord of Life has to say. Love others. Be of good cheer. And try to make Monday the best day of the week.

Gardening season is about to commence! After a few more days of rest on the deck!