Friday, May 29, 2009


1 - Cat care this summer - remember to mark the calendar
2 - eye appointment - hope it is uneventful
3 - plant the plants in the garden and the seeds and the flowers
4 - collect all the stick and twigs for the chipper that now works
5 - relax in the pool
6 - read for Women's Group
7 - read for Healing Touch
8 - finish current socks
9 - start new set of socks for someone else
10 - wash the car

That is enough of a list for me - maybe when I get more than half done I will revisit the list and add more - right now this is fine with me.

I have this list going now because I cannot get on FB. First the computer demanded that it be scanned which took long enough that I could do a complete chakra connection on myself. Now the phishing filter is scanning for phish!

I need to go to bed because I am tired and I cannot get a good eye exam when I am tired.

Did I mention a crown fell off my tooth today? Went to bite into a brownie and there it was... So I will fit that into the list behind eyes and before clean the car... should work just fine!

have a great night!

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Karin said...

Hi and thank you for posting on my blog! :) I finally have to add you to my RSS feed blogroll.

I think that my url will still be the same, but when the page opens, it'll say "Periwinkle Sheep".

All the Best to you, may your list grow shorter!