Friday, June 19, 2009


1. Eye exam - uneventful.
2. Seeds and plants - in soil and doing well. The garden even got a much needed weeding. Most seeds have shown up in the right place even though we have had lots of rain.
3. Cats are doing fine. Friend is doing OK too.
4. Socks need a few more rows.
5. Other socks are going to be late.
6. Read for Women's group. More to read.
7. Read for Healing Touch class. More to finish. Class this weekend and I am so ready to move on that I almost explode sometimes with enthusiasm...
8. Back on the diet and the exercise plan. Need to really focus on a way to make it more a life style and less like a "plan" that has a beginning and an end timeframe. I am sure the doctor on Monday will have words about that - seeing as my blood sugar levels over the last 3 months of chaos were terrible!
9. Packages mailed.
10. Cleaned a few more corners.
11. Looking forward and planning my next steps carefully.

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