Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some days you should knock the dust off your feet

Some days should be washed off your feet as soon as they are done.

Today was one of them. Fiber meets Mud and they like to play in the yard. After a winter we have lots of play time because leaves fall; branches fall; sweet gum balls fall; fall falls over the place.

So Saturday, instead of exercise regime, we decided to rake all the yard litter. I have very high respect for my aging body on these adventures. I make lots of little piles all over the yard and then I slowly go around and pick them up with some form of container - maybe a garbage can - maybe a wheelbarrow.

Well, the Manly Mud was helping and as I have done in my youth - he made a few large piles - used the best rake swinging action I have seen in years - really got the sweet gum balls to loft up in the air.. That was Saturday morning. We finished shortly after lunch. By then I had pain all over my body. I wanted a hot shower and a flat bed after consuming the perfect amount of Advil to conquer the pain. A nice long soak in the hot tub helped too. Good food and 10 hours of sleep.

I also felt a little defeated because the Mister did not seem phased by the two hours of yard work - until Saturday night. Then there was a little twinge... By Sunday morning it was a HUGE twinge and more rest was the remedy - Monday rest - Tuesday rest - and then there was last night - as I am sleeping I hear these two little squeaks... "eeek eeek. I can't breathe..." well that wakes you up... So after the Mister got up and wrapped his chest with an ace bandage and took something for the pain... he crawls back in bed... so for the rest of the night I listened to make sure he was breathing... as dawn broke we had the "seek medical professional help" at the Urgent Care conversation - which he did willingly. Diagnosis: you pulled a muscle - go home and rest - if it continues see your regular doctor...

As the day progressed some relief came with "Ice Ice Baby" and more rest. The Mister rests like I do - he made some great Potatoe and Sausage Soup. It was delicious.

So as the day comes to an end I pray that the pain for Mister has gone away and that sleep comes easily. I did stress out about my Mister being in pain - after 39 years of friendship - a person worries and even panics a little... I know how fragile the human condition is and I respect it immensely. I love my Mister!

So now day is done.

Brush off the dust of the day.

Moving on to tomorrow... Thank you Jesus!

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