Saturday, April 4, 2009

It was Saturday night and I was

One week ago I am sure I was online on Saturday night because I remember going to bed at 11:37pm.

I did a good job of sleeping until 3:30am when my husband jumped put of bed, stumbled to the bathroom, and banged his way back to bed - panting and struggling to breathe the whole time. He went in the bathroom to get his robe and I thought he was just going to sleep in the chair in the front room... Well the lights went on and I knew this was not just a position change - he was severely struggling for breath... tried the hot tub to see if he could relax and relieve the pain - not so much.

We got on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and shoes. I got on some jeans and a fleece and then I did one stupid thing... we got in the car... I had to decide if I wanted SR32 to the east or I-275. I chose the direct I-275 route... not a big a chance of deer and no stop signs. Doing 90 mph my husband is trying to find a space in the car where he could expand his lungs to get air. I am so scared I crank the heat and he opens the window. I was so afraid that he was going to open the door... Dumb thing to do - drive a sick person to the hospital...

Pneumonia was the diagnosis and we got admitted to the hospital – general floor. Monday was a blur. They did x-rays and ultrasounds. About 1:30pm there was a CT and about 3pm there was surgery... Thank God for doctors who know great things about the body. Obviously the pneumonia had been there for two weeks – with no cough or even a cold.

Surgery went fine. In ICU for comfort - discharged to a regular room because he was doing so well on Monday – that stopped on Tuesday and we were back in ICU. It was a little sketchy there for a few hours but overall things have been going well ever since Tuesday.

We had a few rough patches - a few moments of climbing the mountain that was harder than most - a few tears - but the miracle is that I felt all the prayers that were coming our way.

Grandchildren did not argue. My daughters were comforting. Texting was a blessing. Each word - each sigh - each thought felt warm and wrapped me in protection from doubt, fear and panic. I am most grateful for all the people who lifted their hearts and minds to the heaven above. I am not fussy which higher power you choose to pray to - our whole family felt just the fact that you chose to do that small gesture.

I called my Healing Touch Therapist to assist with the healing process. Wednesday and Thursday night, John had HT therapy and it made all the difference in his process. I was able to supplement on Friday and Saturday nights what was started on Wednesday and Thursday nights. John feels relaxed afterward and has a new appreciation for what I am studying.

Today John walked with the assist of a walker - up and down the halls - even doing a few jumping jacks and a few loops with the walker... The nurse roared. We got rid of the IV pole. No Bi-Pap. No BP cuff on continuous cycle.

He wants to sleep tonight. He was on his side trying to curl up and get comfortable. I hope he was successful because he will be a new person with 8 hours behind him. He wants his normal Sunday Sabbath - as many naps as we can fit into one day...

So it is Saturday night again... I am seeking boring and normal. I want chicken and broccoli with rice. I want Ice Tea and dogs to walk. I know that when John comes home things will be different for a while and normal and boring will take on a new feel. But I will seek normal with all my heart.

You just never know how fast your life can change when it is Saturday night and you are on the computer until 11:30 pm...

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