Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts are rather random

  • I have reconnected with three friends over the last 60 days that I have not seen or visited with in three years.
  • The young call this "reconnecting" networking! I call this joy.
  • These friends and I shared like we talked yesterday. Very good and very odd.
  • One friend is moving to NC because her husband took a job there. Good travels my friend.
  • An evening in the garden fixes just about everything.
  • Digging clay is hard work but turning a new leaf is no easier.
  • Validation is important. I am calm when explaining myself and my dreams, which is new for me as they have always been a bit oblique in the past. Now my dreams and paths are clear and open and can easily be articulated.
  • Intense must be a mandate for me - I always seem to find intense situations into which to jump
  • New horizons await my next steps and I feel like the horizon line is very close
  • I discovered just how twisted some situations really are today and the whole thing left me with a rather sick stomach
  • I have two friends in the service. One in Iraq and the other in Afganistan. Soon to have a third. One comes home in the late summer. One just went over and the third reports for duty in July. Brave and noble men, all three and I pray for them without ceasing.
  • Someone said "no pain, no gain." they should feel my legs right now. I think I have gained the world
  • The toads "peeping" in spring is the most important sound of the entire natural cycle
  • I have a box turtle living in my garden
  • The compost piles are cooking
  • I emptied my worm bin into one of my compost piles to hasten the process
  • Lots to do - so to make it simple - we will make a list and pick the five most important things to accomplish and let the rest be as they will. We cannot recapture yesterday - we can only live today.
  • I am finished with these random thoughts and my hands want a rest from work.

Sleep well my friends, sleep well.

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