Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday visits are fun

I love a surprise.

I had a planned practice session with my daughter today. Always nice to have a good client practice session with a good sense of humor thrown in there for comfort. I need to practice my Healing Touch technique and get the questions to a comfortable point and the listening peaked.

So I get people I know to lay still and I lay my hands on them and practice my gift. Works for me. I learn more each time I do this and I can see a pattern developing that I can continue along in comfort, naturally.

Back to the surprise. I got a phone call asking me to teach a friend and her friend how to knit Socks! How much fun is that going to be. I need the practice teaching (period) and what better way to teach sock knitting to teachers. This will be a fun experience. Win - win all around.

So many new doors openning and I just need to go on through them... interesting.

So there are no pictures today. Monday is suppose to be dry and sunny. This will be great for pictures... Lots of pictures... promise.

Maybe even the two turtles will be available for this photo shoot!

OK. Now all the emails I have ignored all day. A small meditation and then to bed...

Each day I learn to Let Go and Let God...

Sweet Dreams to you all.

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Karin said...

I am going to my first healing touch session tomorrow!