Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day the Lord has made

In comparison to the the last couple of weeks - today was a blast. I really like my house filled with people and laughter.

We all gathered to share an Easter meal.

All the children home and giggling and chatting and having a great time.

Just that fast they were all headed back in their own direction. Back to their own nest.

Funny how thin the line of transition.

One minute eight around the table and in a blink; two in recliners resting...

Life is like that - a fine line between the changes and chances of life - how fast we transition between what floats our boat. How fast we turn our gaze to the new passion in our life. How fast the changes and chances of life happen. I think that is a good thing. Un-attaching from the last entanglement may take a while - but once you steady your gaze on the new horizon I find people to be perfectly happy with their new adventures.

Changed your path lately?

Changed your gaze on the world?

Are you starting something exciting?

Are you becoming someone you like better?

Making new friends?

Finding a deepening of your love?

Wanting more peace and serenity?

There is a song from West Side Story that tells us that it is just around the corner. Time to start walking...

Love - peace - joy can be yours...

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