Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Tonight I want to talk about change.
Not the kind you find in your pockets, but rather the kind that over takes you.
I have been in such situations before.
I have fought the change.
Let me tell you how hazardous that is for the body and the soul. It makes you sick and tired.
Let me share with you the wisdom gathered on the journey...
If there is a humongous change before you - let it fill every pore of your body. Let it completely wash over you. Harvest the energy of the change and in doing that take control of the ride. You can be victim of change or victor of change. You can hanker down and say "Stop" or you can ride the wave and gather speed and come out on top.
In these times change itself comes with baggage. Steal it. Make it your own and then you can rule the world that is being laid out before you.
Take no prisoners. Take nothing but your God given skills and float away. By riding the wave of change you can gather energy and not waste any fighting what is happening to your world. In the end you will be in a better place.
When all is said and done - take a moment to look at the difference between the two worlds. If you used all your talents - you will like all you see. If you were angry and got stubborn - the surroundings will make you wither and miserable.
Fly with the change and rejoice in your resilience.
OK. Now I said my piece - go to bed! Yeah that means me too! Right after I wrap the zuchinni bread!


Bob said...

immersion therapy at its best, i always knew you were a jump-in-the- pool person and not just-stick-in-a- toe to check it out first person...

moderation is for monks...
Lazarus Long

Where fibers meet mud said...

Thanks, I actually take a deep breath before jumping in cold water - but life - hey what ya gotta loose - if change is all about you - go for it.

Internet is not allowing me to get email today - grrr. Bed I am going to bed and sleep for tomorrow is the beginning of a great adventure day@

Where fibers meet mud said...
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