Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We got Greens!

Tonight I harvested about a bushel of mixed greens.

Curly Kale
Bak Choy
Swiss Chard

We will be eating healthy for the next few days. I imagine by the 15th there will be the favorite item "Home Grown Green Bones" (green and wax beans)

After that there will be other delights to have. I can start some fall crops soon enough and enjoy some root vegetables most of the fall and winter.

I read where some are harvesting the chamomile for tea already. My seeds just sprouted... My celery is also just sprouted. I guess I planted a little late in the season - Memorial Day is not that late - but next year I will be able to get the garden in early because the fence will be up and hopefully the soil will be much enriched... April - I am thinking April - before the 15th - that should be soon enough to plant spinach and peas!

Did I ever tell you I love to garden...
Oh and the day lilies look just like the pictures I posted last week. Some actually are fragrant!
Off to rest... more fun tomorrow...

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