Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today we have gratitude

Grateful for rest

Grateful for the hard work that keeps my garden safe

Grateful for my life here

Grateful for the animals I see when I walk (after Jackson saw two bunnies he no longer even flinched when he saw the birds)

Grateful for the day lilies

Grateful that I know how to knit and am willing to try new things and not be frozen into panic if the pattern does not come out 100% correct.... I can learn and I can grow.... the pattern that I am following is not like this - but you get the idea - knitted holes to carry things - bag weighs ounces and carries pounds... I have been intrigued with these since I saw them in Germany when we were living there in 1976 - 1979.

Grateful for companionship

Grateful that I know how to entertain myself with all my hobbies (even laundry)

Grateful that my DH is not a high maintenance person

Grateful for thank you notes from friends

Grateful that I can let the inner sloth rule me one day of the week

Grateful that this was a four day weekend

Glad I did not have to travel to hear fireworks - they were all around us

Glad that my God is huge and all inclusive and accepting of me

Glad that tomorrow is another day of rest - although that rest may be more like play!

My suggestion: Find something to be grateful about - do it - watch it - and enjoy it...

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