Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today we have Sabbath

My question to you is this: Why when you take time to rest are you so tired? When I stop I can barely function - in that I cannot even stay awake to read or knit. I must be pretty tired to have rested two full days and still be tired enough to go to bed!

I did sneak into the garden after I walked the dog. The tomato bushes, cukes, melons and zuchinni needed to be strung up some what. I needed to lay paper under the green bean bushes. Weeding is eternally needed. I trimmed back the lavendar bushes to small circular shapes and cut some blossoms. I water boarded a mole hole but tomorrow morning I will gather all the hoses together and get the rest of the contingent living near the west wall of the garden... where they think they want to eat my lavender plants and the zuchinni - - what they do not want to have to do is to eplain to my eldest daughter who loves zuchinni that they ate the plants....

In the next few days I will be starting some sections again - second plantings are fun. I haven't done this for a long time (since Wheaton where I canned a lot of stuff) but it will be good - the growing season lasts until October - so I have plenty of time for more beans - beets - lettuce - spinach - swiss chard - carrots and whatever else I have in the seed bag that can function in 90 days!

OK I am exhausted.

Long week - five full work days - I think in summer the work week should be 4 days long every week - give us adults time to rest and play...

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