Friday, July 4, 2008

Tonight - we see birds...

After the routine (yes we do the routine every night)

We were going to have a short walk between the rain drops

Then I saw a huge red shoulder hawk fly over head and I was done for. I love birds. I love to see them fly and I love the sounds they make. I open the window in the dead of winter to listen to the cardinals in the morning because it is that important to me.

Out street is about a half mile loop, but if you go down the private lane to where the creek is located you get in a full mile and a good cardio because of the steep climb up.

So on we went and checked the creek that was really flowing.

As we started back up the drive I saw this flying away.

UNREAL, I see them periodically when I cross the Little Miami River, but never this close to hear the sound of the wings flapping.
That was a good thing to see on an other wise rainy day.
Knitting socks, and a Eurobag just because I can.
Tomorrow is Saturday! WOO HOO! Love long weekends!

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landgirl said...

One of my favorite recollections from my house in the states was the blue herons that plied the creek or the retention ponds. Watching them either at work--fish eating--or in flight alwasy made me stop and watch.
Over here herons are grey. I have seen one or two but not up close.